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    Here's the latest way to show holiday cheer ... unless you're flying:

    Keystone Products Jingle Bells Shotgun Shells Christmas Lights

    Made with "real" shotgun shells
    Unique, fun, and new idea
    Red and green shot gun shells with gleaming metal caps
    8 feet with 20 lights
    Appeals to a casual lifestyle
    Unfortunately TSA's legions of retards are unable to distinguish between real shotgun shells and a string of Christmas tree lights:​
    “Jingle Bells, shotgun shells, don’t belong on planes...”That’s the holiday song Transportation Security Administration screeners might have sung, after intercepting a passenger with a package of spent red and green shotgun shells — made into festive Christmas lights — in a carry-on bag at Newark Liberty International Airport.
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  3. RB

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    At least Lisa Farbstein is telling the truth on how TSA steals these things from travelers.
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    Every airplane I ever worked or flew on that had 11o volts was also at 400hz. Don't know how a power tool would hold up under that.
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    But those were military aircraft -- 400 Hz is also preferred in commercial (as in commercial buildings, not aircraft) installations for florescent lighting, since the "flicker" isn't noticeable at 400 hz.

    In passenger aircraft today, 110V 50/60 Hz is the standard power supply at your seats for laptops, etc. The lavs also contain 110V outlets for electric shavers.
  6. Mike

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    I can see some very slight potential for an electric drill to be used as a weapon, but a sander?

    That sander is probably headed for some pedo-o-thief's Christmas tree.

    The more these retards brag about these "catches", the dumber and more corrupt they look.
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  8. RB

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    Heavy like laptops, briefcases, and other items typically found in the cabin of airplanes. She is making it up as she goes just like the rest of TSA does.
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    The power outlets are supposedly to plug in a vacuum cleaner when ground crews were cleaning the aircraft, but I've also used them to charge my laptop and cell phone.

    Has the TSA confiscated any vacuums yet? You never know when a EvilDoer may try to suck a cockpit door off its hinges. :p
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    Poor, poor, TSA, going out of their way to create problems for themselves and then whining about it. It would be a lot easier if they'd quit pretending that an obvious string of Christmas trees lights equates to a box of ammunition, but then Nico "Mendacious" Melendes might have to quit fibbing for a change.

    L.A. Times: Shotgun shell lights and other similar items keep TSA agents busy

    Spear guns, knives, inert grenades, stun guns and loaded 9-millimeter handguns. The holidays brings no letup in the number of real or replica weapons that Transportation Security Administration officers uncover at airport checkpoints. ut finding them is more of a challenge at this time of year with the swelling volume of bags, many filled with food and novelties.

    Take the Christmas lights made of green and red shotguns shells that were recently discovered in a carry-on bag at Newark Liberty International Airport. “Nothing says happy holidays like Christmas lights shaped like shotgun shells,” joked TSA spokesman Nico Melendez. The TSA prohibits passengers from packing ammunition, live or not, in carry-on bags.
  11. Mike

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    Clone of same article, I think. If they'd quit wasting everyone's time confiscating obviously harmless items (e.g. water, jam, jellies, snowglobes, Christmas tree decorations and obvious toy hammers), life would be a lot simpler and more pleasant for all concerned.

    Take your whine and shove it somewhere, Nico. My wife & I each used to fly 125,000-150,000 miles a year. We won't be on a plane again until our airports are purged your two-digit IQ's with authoritah.

    Boston Herald: Weapons, increased baggage keep TSA officers busy at airports

    “All year long we get crazy items that come through the security checkpoints,” Melendez said. “The challenge is the number of people coming through the checkpoints and all the stuff they bring.”
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