Journal-Standard: Rail travel enjoyable, convenient, cost competitive

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    Earth to airlines, your customers are finding non-abusive alternatives and are satisfied.

    Journal-Standard: Rail travel enjoyable, convenient, cost competitive

    My wife and I have taken airline trips from coast to coast and to Australia, New Zealand and Germany but we now are totally disgusted with the TSA, airline gouging and the hassel of getting to the airport, parking, etc. In some cases, lodging is necessary before the flight, and one has to be there one to two hours before the flight.

    Last May, we took a VanGalder coach from Rockford to Union Station (about $21 each) in Chicago for an Amtrak trip. Got off the bus and walked into the station and practically immediately boarded the train. There was no groping, x-rays or baggage search.

    We opted for a sleeper berth for the overnight trip to Rochester, NY and were invited to the diner for a wine and cheese party while our attendant (porter, in the old days) stored our bags and made the beds. Breakfast was included in the price, and was a nice meal.


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