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Discussion in 'New Users' started by Fugu, Dec 12, 2011.

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    I wandered over from Paul Mulshine's political blog where LisaSimeone and SSR spoke of the site. After reading some of the accounts, I felt I had to join. I always read the news articles about the travesties pulled in the name of "safety" and fumed about the revocation of our rights, but I still flew when it served me. Granted, that wasn't often, but when the time came I took off my shoes, watch, eyeglasses, other questionable apparel, and shuffled through the lines like everyone else. I had several very unpleasant experiences with the TSA but nothing traumatic or criminal, just offensive.

    I last flew in 2009. It was nothing in particular that set me against it, just the whole sickening mess of it all. I reached the point where I said, you know, it's just not worth it. It may be a fast mode of transportation, but even in a best-case scenario it's not worth the trouble and anxiety and the hoop after hoop they expect you to jump through. So ... here I am, I guess. The latest person to say enough is enough.
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    Welcome Fugu! We are of like minds: "enough is enough" and "it's just not worth it." ^ Couldn't have said it better myself!
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    Welcome, Fugu. You'll find many kindred spirits here.

    Not sure which Paul Mulshine entry it was -- I comment all over the blogosphere -- but perhaps this one?
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    Welcome to the forum, Fugu. And very glad to have you join us here. Please browse, read, and discuss!

    More than irritating inconvenience the whole process deals to us travelers and the anxiety it causes is impedance of our rights and justice-freedom to travel, innocent till prove guilty, trespassing on our personal bodies, and warrantless searches to name a few.

    And also a drain on our economy. Limitless monies poured into a broken and inefficient system that harasses it's taxpayers.

    TSA has been moving into other areas other than airports, so down the line, even if you don't fly, it'll touch you again. There's a post in a different thread where I related my uncle's experience. He never flew so he didn't see what the big deal was, until he was stopped on the highway in TX.
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    Welcome aboard, Fugu! Enough is definitely enough when it comes to TSA, but we here at TUG can never get enough of people deciding to join our community.

    I can relate to your experiences with "offensive" TSA smurf-clerks. They've been unpleasant to deal with since years before the rape-i-scan machines were deployed and I recall interacting with a rude TDC at TPA back in '09 as well. Back then it was all "But it's for our saaaaaaaaaaaafetyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!" At least people are finally waking up.
  6. Lisa Simeone

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    We still have a long road ahead.
  7. CelticWhisper

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    We do, but at least we can all walk it together and pave it as we do to make it easier for those who will follow us.
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