Justin Bieber’s Bodyguard Chokes Photographer, Steals Memory Card

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    A local news photographers shot this photo Tuesday night and ended up in a confrontation with Bieber’s bodyguard.

    Miami-Dade police are investigating Justin Bieber’s bodyguard for choking a photographer and stealing his memory card, which are actions they generally condone.
    That may explain why they didn’t bother making an arrest this afternoon.
    Instead, they gave the photographer a case number and told him he could pursue it with the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office, which means it will probably go nowhere.
    According to Jose Lambiert’s Gossip Extra:
    Pop star Justin Bieber‘s bodyguards are accused to rouging up a paparazzo taking photos of Bieber skateboarding near a North Miami recording studio this afternoon, Gossip Extra has confirmed.
    Miami Dade Police Detective Roy Rutland tells me an officer responded to a report of an assault taking place outside The Hit Factory on NE 149th Street this afternoon.
    When the officer arrived, he talked it over with the bodyguards and the shutterbug, and gave the lensman a case number that will allow him to file a complaint.
    The allegations are that the Biebs’ bodyguards choked the pap and took the memory card out of his camera.
    “The officer concluded that what occurred may have been a simple battery,” Rutland said. “Now, the photographer can pursue this with the state attorney’s office if he chooses.”​
    Last night, a Bieber bodyguard, possibly the same as the one from above, confronted a local news photographer who took his picture at the Miami Heat playoff game inside the American Airlines Arena.
    The photographer, who works for Local 10, did not want to be identified, probably out of fear that he would be forever and embarrassingly tagged as a Bieber fan.
    According to Local 10:
    According to the photographer, who asked not to be identified, one of Bieber’s boys came over and demanded he delete the picture from his cell phone. Then the bodyguard approached and made the same request.
    Of course, the photographer politely explained that he wasn’t deleting anything.
    Before the exchange got out of hand, a security guard for AmericanAirlines Arena stepped in and basically told the bodyguard to get lost. Before he left though, he asked the photographer one more time to delete the picture.​
    The story insinuates that the bodyguard was about to get violent with the photographer, which should have prompted him to start video recording, even if all he had was his cell phone.
    Because without that type of evidence, Bieber’s bodyguards can apparently go wild on photographers and end up with nothing but a police report that won’t go anywhere.
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