Kamikazi deer takes out DHS twin-jet

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  1. Mike

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    They're on our side, I tell ya!

    The plane (total loss) was a DHS Cessna Citation 550.


    New York Daily News: Small plane catches fire after hitting deer on landing in South Carolina (Nov 18 2012)

    A small plane caught fire after it hit a deer while landing in South Carolina. The animal ran onto the runway as the aircraft was making its final descent into the Greenwood County Airport in Greenwood, S.C., on Saturday morning. "Early into the landing, the deer ran across the runway," Sheriff Tony Davis told WYFF. "The pilot said he felt a bump, looked behind and saw the plane on fire." The flaming plane traveled for several hundred yards before coming to a stop.
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    That's going to be a tough D check.:D
  3. Mike

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    Very efficient disassembly, the inspection steps should be a breeze with this degree of accessibility. Reassembly might be challenging.

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