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Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by RB, Jul 18, 2011.

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    Silly perhaps, but it charges me up to listen to the end of Alex Jones' rant at the TX State house 6/27/11, people chanting "Trea-son, Trea-son!," culminating in his declaration to the pols inside (and out), "When we take this country back, you Nazis are going to JAIL!!"
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    First of all, the sheep will never rally to the cause. Sheep are sheep. They don't want to be distracted from their TV and their fast food.

    I agree that I, too, am somewhat discouraged. For instance, yesterday I was perusing the Acquit Yukari Miyamae Facebook fan page, and the organizer there had posted a news report of the 10 most ridiculous things TSA had done. In 2008. So I read it, and it basically read like something out of today. Nothing has changed much in TSA behavior since then.

    However, I remember when the Shoe Carnival started, I was annoyed, but I eventually complied. Then the War on Water began, and I pushed back at first. Mostly because I would get glares and rude comments from other FFs. Now, the tone has changed. TSA is losing public support. They've pretty much had it for 10 years, so it's going to take a long time to reverse that trend. But when you look through the lines at checkpoints, NO ONE is smiling, they're just hoping to get through with a minimum of fuss. The TSA has created the single most stressful point in the entire flight process, and that takes quite a feat.

    Every day, while sheep bleat out "If you don't like it, don't fly!" "These people are just looking for their 15 minutes!" the tone on our side is clearly growing louder.

    I am discouraged. However, I see that this thing might finally be turning around. I have hope.
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    And now Napolitano is talking about charging for carry on bags because there are so many since airlines have started charging for check in baggage that passengers are bringing more carry ons. Apparently the agency needs more money to accomplish all that baggage checking. Oh, but she's not sure who should pay for those charges - maybe the airlines. Geez, wonder where the airlines are going to get that money. I know, maybe all the CEO's of the airlines will chip in from their bonuses - when (expletive deleted) freezes over. Next thing we'll be expected to tip the TSA agent who molested us.
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    Napolitano is an embarrassment.

    By the way, discussion at Elliott Blog (see link above) is getting heated. There is at least one person there posting pro-TSA crapola under two different screen names. Too long a story how I found out.
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    Big Sis and all of her evil minions flying monkeys thugs, thieves and perverts couldn't pour urine out of a boot if the directions were written on the heel.
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    That argument makes no sense. Carry on or checked it will still have to be screened.
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    Not much from DHS/TSA makes any sense to a rational, thinking person.
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    It's the fleecing of the public at its finest. We'll give them no choice but to have their bags checked if they want to fly and then we'll charge them for the "privilege" of having it done. And, while searching your bag, if we find something of value we'll take it for ourselves.
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    It's a kleptocracy at many levels.
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    A poster on another site contacted the TSA on their recent policy to ask passengers to speak their own name wanting to know if that was a new policy. Here is the response he got from the TSA:

    In response to your recent concern regarding TSA Ticket Document Checkers (TDC) at IAH asking passengers to state their names, you may have heard about the recent incident at another airport of an individual who inappropriately gained access through the TSA TDC. You may also have heard on the news about changes TSA is planning to implement as it moves to a more risk based security. At airports around the country, you will encounter different methods being employed at different positions as part of pilot programs and assessment opportunities. Pilot programs and their assessment are opportunities to review changes in the security screening process and their impact prior to implementing at airports around the country, or in some cases identifying that certain processes have no substantial value.

    We recognize that this can be frustrating when your experience at one airport is apparently different than at another, however, pilot programs are instrumental to field testing and assessing results before making them a standard operating procedure. These assessments help to provide data to determine whether other processes can be modified or avoided in the future. We appreciate your patience in assisting us to work toward improving the process you have become accustomed to.

    If I can offer further information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Apparently their excuse to do any damn thing they want is explained as "a pilot program". How comforting to know that you have no idea what to expect from one airport to another. And how can TSA be accused of violating their own protocol when there doesn't seem to BE a protocol.

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