Keeping the gullible populace trembling with fear [BDL]

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    Courant: Windsor Woman's Club - November Speakers

    The GFWC Windsor Woman's Club November meeting began with a presentation by members of the Transportation Security Administration from Bradley International Airport. David Bassett, director of the Department of Homeland Security and TSA for Connecticut, spoke first. He explained how the job of securing the air and rail ways has and continues to change, as those who wish to disrupt our country and harm civilians come up with new ways to do so.

    Christopher Evans, master training instructor of TSA Connecticut then spoke and explained how all travelers can help make the check-in and pre-boarding screenings less stressful for all by calling 1-855-787-2227 with any and all questions ahead of time. These questions can be as simple as "can I bring my blood testing supplies on the plane with me" to "can I bring my sewing needles"?

    The club members asked a lot of thought-provoking and current topic questions, and kept the men on their toes.

    Sounds like 1-855-787-2227 could be another way to bog down the system. Whenever your stuck in a TSA line, call 1-855-787-2227 for entertainment.
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    Is that a number just for that airport or nationwide? Should ask when TSA will start screening cargo?
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    WTF? Yes, those disruptions happen all the time, causing panic and travel delays. Only they are TSA actions. Have you heard of any terrorist activity in the last dozen years? Outside of fertilizer man in OK, what's been happening here? Only fear, promotion of fear, and fat lucrative contracts serving the fear business at DHS. How many hundreds of billions?
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