Kip Hawley: TSA Critics, Here's Hope

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by CelticWhisper, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. CelticWhisper

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    TSA Critics, Here's Hope


    I posted (half of, st00pid character limit) the following post. It's awaiting moderator approval.

    While I'm thinking about it, do we want to focus on some kind of official slogan for TUG? I've been experimenting with a few different wordings of the one I posted here. I always use "Watching the Watchmen" to indicate that we're not sycophantic TSA apologists but I'm fighting with the 2nd half. I'm trying to convey that we're offering real, sensible tips for protecting yourself in your travels (general safety/security) but that we'll also help you protect yourself from TSA, who only claims to protect you and actually threatens you instead.

    I just can't seem to get that part to "pop."
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  2. KrazyKat

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    I really liked the phrase about resistance and reform of TSA (yes, of course or wholly replace). It used to be in a box where the tweets are now. There is a version of it at the welcome, not quite as poetic.
    For me 'watchmen' gives the blue-gloves too much credibility. A return to sanity at security checkpoints. Drop the curtain on security theater. (Stop me now...)
  3. Mike

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    It can't be TSA-specific. It's probably going to be "Your Right to Travel: It's the Law" or very similar.
  4. KrazyKat

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    Great, Mike. It'd be nice to work the idea of freedom in there somehow.
  5. N965VJ

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    So TSA critics, seize this moment and give Pistole a hand. These are tentative steps along the road to smart security and they should be encouraged.

    Great, more codewords for TLV-style security that is not scalable to what we have here in the States.

    Anybody can bludgeon the many shortcomings and foibles at TSA, and there will be plenty more opportunities in the future.

    Thanks for the heads-up on more Foul-ups, Bleeps and Blunders to come from the agency you used to run, Kip Hawley. Where can I get my Collectors DVD Edition?
  6. Jennifer Abel

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    "Because the fourth amendment applies to travelers, too"?
  7. CelticWhisper

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    The more I think about that, the more I like it. Open-ended, adaptable, and unmistakably pro-traveler.

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