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    6: All mechanical/technological screening equipment capable of viewing passengers beneath their clothes is to be decommissioned and dismantled immediately. Any Federal Security Director, TSA administrator, manager, or other "higher-up" failing to comply with this directive within the time allotted will be sentenced to a minimum of 50 years imprisonment without possibility of parole, all 50 years to be spent in solitary confinement. If the problem with TSA starts at the top, then let's punish most severely those running things from the top.

    7: Any TSA clerk performing an "enhanced patdown procedure" on anyone under the age of 18 for any reason at all without the parent's express WRITTEN permission will be charged with felony sexual assault against a minor and shall stand trial before a grand jury. If the jury trial convicts the clerk, mandatory lifetime registration as a sex offender shall also apply.
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    Kippie so conveniently neglected to mention the multi-billion $ Nude-O-Scope debacle that was his own doing.

    Regarding (7), trials are not held before grand juries.
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    Munches popcorn. Well, that was an interesting read.

    My takeaways:

    • He's tired of getting beaten up by Bruce Schneier. Much of the article consists of arguments Bruce Schneier has been making for years -- reinforced cockpit doors, procedures too reactive, bad risk management, etc.
    • Something new is maybe headed our way by summer? If so, I'm not optimistic. From the article: TSA officers should have more discretion to interact with passengers and to work in looser teams throughout airports. <-- What does that mean? (I ask rhetorically)
    • He doesn't mention getting rid of body scanners or 'pat-downs'. And when discussing Israeli security he doesn't discuss our Constitution and the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments that make extensive interviewing of passengers extremely problematic.
    • He doesn't say anything at all about the theft, the arrests, or generally belligerent attitude of many TSA agents. Maybe he doesn't see it as a problem? He does mention how well-trained they are throughout the article.
    I'm also not wild about statements like this (but then again, maybe I'm too sensitive) : I wish that more of our passengers could see the system from the perspective of a screener.

    I'd like to see airport security where I'm not irradiated and I'm not touched. I don't think I'm asking for too much.
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    I guess I'm most optimistic about this statement and acknowledging the truth in it.
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    Especially after Bruce just kicked him royally around the block in their debate. :D

    God help us! Their track record in the "something new" department leaves a lot to be desired.

    Behavioral Detection Officers, V.2: The Mind Meld

    Sitting next to every ID checker will be a BDOv2 who will come nose-to-nose with you & peers into your eyes for 30 seconds, at which time he will know with scientifically proven, 100% certainty, whether you are possessed of malintent. The rollout has been delayed temporarily while they try to train them to brush their teeth at least once a day.

    That was an absolutely glaring omission. But the Nude-O-Scopes themselves were his baby to start with.

    He doesn't care.

    Good point. He constantly referred to low-quality employees (the sludge at the bottom of the barrel) as well-trained.

    Major lie. Major fail.

    In other words, our abusers' lives would be so much easier if we'd all come down with acute cases of Stockholm Syndrome.

    Fat chance.

    ^ Bingo!
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    I wish that more of our passengers could see the system from the perspective of a screener.

    This is a perfect example of the attitude of Federal workers and agencies in general and explains why GSA is on the hot seat. I hear the heads of agency departments how they are "striving to satisfy their customers". The problem is that they consider other Federal workers their customers, not the taxpayer.

    To (expletive deleted) with what the screeners think or seeing it from their view. We are paying them, not the other way around.
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    There are so many gems in this piece of nonsense, and it's late and I just don't have the time or energy right now.

    Tomorrow is doubtful, also, because I'm still working through Season 1 of Mad Men and I need to catch up. Since it's just me and the puppies at home this weekend, I may take that opportunity to lie comatose on the couch all weekend and catch up.

    Regardless, this little nugget was just too good to pass up. I'm reposting it here for posterity, so when some AFS blowhard screeches that reinforced cockpit doors are ineffective, we have their favorite clown to prove them wrong:

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    As others have mentioned, no talk of getting rid of useless strip search machines that don't even work. No talk of stopping the gross, gratuitous and invasive body searches. Kip, we don't care about the prohibited items so much. Just keep your hands out of our crotches. That would restore the POSSIBILITY of rehabbing our opinion of your disgusting work force.

    This is the problem. Random = without cause = I go to a routine flight and get raped. Because your unpredictability means that you WON'T restrict yourself to upper torso, isn't that right Kip? We have eyewitness accounts of your buddies doing the full search on people at the gate. Plus, upper torso searches for women are unacceptable. Searching that area is equivalent to groin searching a man. That's a non starter, Kip. why don't you take your brilliant ideas and shove 'em up your *ss; you can scratch your ears while you're at it as your head is already up there.
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    What Kippie is saying here is that he lacked the leadership skills to direct his agency and failed as a leader.
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    Comment I keep trying to post in reply to "John Smith," but WSJ won't let me -- says my language "does not comply with community standards":

    Ah, because you "feel" a lot safer, therefore the security is working. Great logic.

    And since I started putting giraffe deterrent on my lawn, I haven't seen any giraffes. Therefore, it must be working! Q. E. D.

    It's precisely because the United Sh**ple of America "feel" better that this sham continues. There's a reason it's called Security Theater (that accurate term is thanks to Bruce Schneier, whose cogent arguments the insipid Kip Hawley suddenly repeats after having spent years trying to deflect them).

    Oh, well, what's a little bullying, harassing, strip-searching, and groping among friends? Especially if it placates a credulous populace. And keeps the fear industry rolling in dough. After all, can't stand in the way of progress!

    Okay, I took out "sh**ple" and replaced it with "some people." God almighty, what delicate sensibilities the WSJ has.
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    I picked up on this, too.

    Is he really that stupid that he doesn't realize that is exactly what he's saying?
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    He doesn't care. He doesn't have to. Just like Pistole. Just like Napolitano. It doesn't matter what they say or do, they still get away with it. And they're (evidently) incapable of looking at themselves squarely and admitting what they're doing.

    But then, they have lots of help from the American public.
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    I'm reminded of that scene in the movie Fahrenheit 451 where the firemen are tromping through the park shaking down people for books.
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    That wasn't a kick around the block. Bruce put Kippie over his knee, pulled his pants off, and used a hairbrush until his (expletive deleted) cheeks started bleeding.

    I wonder how effective that "scientifically proven" method will be when I'm ripping the BDOv2's nuts off and beating him with the wet end?
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    Sommer Gentry takes him to task at TSA News. Well, she was polite.
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    When the subject (Kippie) is already trying so hard to show what a failure he was, you don't want to spoil the mood. :p
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    Love the Simple Justice Blog. He's great. I've left many a comment there over the years.
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    But he wants me to give Kippie a break.

    OK. Arm, or leg?

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