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Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Doober, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. Doober

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    A report at another place says that starting today TSA will be enforcing the baggie out rule again. Can anyone confirm that?
  2. Rugape

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    The enforcing of the LAG baggies never went away. I have heard rumors that some of the larger airports do not enforce it as stringently as say GSO (which is a "must take them out of your bag or have a bag check called" location). There may be an increase in the focus at some airports that have not been as vigilant as others.

    The rule (in case anyone is uncertain) is - All LAG items 3.4 (or 100ml) in size or smaller, collected in one 1 quart sized baggie, and only 1 baggie per passenger. The baggie should be removed from the carry on and placed in a bin, on the belt or in a bowl and sent through the xray separate from the bag.
  3. TravelnMedic

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    Im sorry this restriction is stupid as its a shrade with no basis in reality.

    There is no way to make binary explosives in airporto or airplane without lab conditions, lots of time, cold work conditions (cold then what ICE can do) and massive ventilation as that stuff stinks worse then durian fruit.

    It all theater and no reality, which is proven everytime I get hassled about my injectable medications (that must be cold) I travel. One of these times the wrong smurf is going to set me off over pulling rules out of there (expletive deleted) and I'm gonna go off and will be on the national news as a breaking story.
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  4. Lisa Simeone

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    Back when I still flew, I never took that stupid baggie out. Ever. I always left it in my carry-on. They never noticed. If they had, I would've feigned ignorance: "Oh, but last time I was told I didn't have to take it out unless I was specifically asked. In fact, I was told not to. I was told to leave it in the bag."

    (expletive deleted)*k them. They're petty tyrants and morons. Why make life easier for them?
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  5. barbell

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    Nevermind the fact of 2 pieces of reality that your average (expletive deleted) isn't going to figure out:

    1. There is no baggage control through the checkpoint, meaning there is no possible way to match every bag, bin, and piece of miscellany traversing the screening equipment to the individuals being screened. Adding junkatrons to the process and the apparent current practice to run 2 baggage lines and 1 people line through a junkatron makes the tracking of things to people even more problematic. They insist, repeatedly, that there is only 1 Freedom Baggie allowed per person. Fine. I imagine most people have adapted to bringing in more than one, as I have seen done on several occasions. They simply put 1 bin with a baggie, followed by another bin with a different baggie in the line. It's so easy to send more than 1 baggie per person through it's pathetic. If liquid explosives really were as plausible and dangerous as we've been lead to believe, then there'd be a control in place to stop this very common practice. There isn't, and TSA's current procedures make it even more likely to be accomplished. See? even I can be a BDO, and I haven't even had any training.
    2. Kippie is now on record as stating that the reason for the baggie is to collect vapors for testing. That isn't happening. Ever. Put your liquid explosives in a baggie. They won't be detected. They'll be seen in the baggie like all of the others, and you're following "The Rules". This nonsense has created an organization more beholden to following policy and rules than anything worth doing. The plausibility of a liquid bomb attack notwithstanding.
    Furthermore, imaging technology relies on seeing shapes and densities. It is entirely possible, even likely, that one could put liquid explosive in a non-common shaped container and get it through no problem.
  6. jtodd

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    Not to mention, the baggie won't hold vapors inside very well if it has a few little holes in it and the top isn't sealed.

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