KIRO: Massive backups at Sea-Tac airport [SEA]

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    Perverts can't even manage sustained minimal performance ...

    KIRO: Massive backups at Sea-Tac airport

    Lines near the TSA checkpoint were more than 100 people long, and some travelers were tweeting that flights had dozens of seats empty Wednesday.

    “Since Sunday, we've reaccomodated more than 150 passengers who missed their flights due to long TSA security lines at Sea-Tac Airport,” an Alaska Airlines spokeswoman said Wednesday.
    At least one TSA checkpoint was closed as hundreds of people waited in line. Airport spokesman Perry Cooper directed questions about TSA staffing to the agency.


    Alaska's spokeswoman, Marianne Lindsey, said 69 flights were affected by Wednesday checkpoint delays.
  2. saulblum

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    Wouldn’t it be awesome if the reporter had gone up and down the line and posed the following question to each traveler:

    “There are more people around you on this line than will likely be on your plane, and none of them has been screened yet for a bomb. Aren’t you worried that a terrorist might just choose to blow up the checkpoint line — a line made inordinately long by the TSA’s procedures such as shoe-removal and body scanners — instead of waiting to get on the plane? After all, terrorists did blow up the arrivals area in Moscow a few years ago, and at LaGuardia in 1975.”

    But instead of the potentially grave security considerations of packing together so many unscreened passengers, we only get a story about passengers missing their flights.
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  3. RB

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    No surprises really. TSA fail as normal.
  4. KrazyKat

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    Yet each airport has its specialty. Inability to adjust, and unacceptably long checkpoint lines, is the intellectually-challenged MO of SEA.

    But KIRO mentions nothing about the Rape-scanners going away and not being replaced 1:1, hence the closure and consolidation of checkpoints! As I reported on May 31, and no changes in the last two weeks. This is the reason for the super-abnormal backups:
    Not if you are a dumb reporter. Or dumber TSA spokeshole:
    Wait unit this weekend when the rest of the schools are out, moron.
    Too bad (in this instance) that people of the NW are so unusually polite. Lines like this is NY would start a riot.
  5. I'm surprised they're not blaming the sequester. I guess nobody bought that line.
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  6. Caradoc

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    Given the numbers of GED-wielding blue-shirted knuckledraggers, is it really any surprise that they're unacquainted with the notion of "spring break" or "school's out?"
  7. RB

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    TSA has had over 10 years to study passenger load patterns and still can't get it right. Goes along with not getting screening right or anything else for that matter. TSA is the most incompetent government agency ever devised.
  8. Caradoc

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    "Study" doesn't go well with "GED."
  9. KrazyKat

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    They remove backscatter, prior to summer travel season, and respond by doing what?

    You just can't make up 'stupid' like this.
  10. It occurs to me that there is plenty of software available that is masterful at tracking trends like customer flow and staffing needs. IBM has a really good one for sale that, as I understand it, would cost a lot less than they spend on even overtime, let alone obsolete scanners, excess uniforms, and mindless PR. I'm just the wife of somebody who knows about this stuff, so that's about as much as I can say about it, but if they were to buy something that's actually been shown in real world business to effectively cut costs as it solves problems, well. We could all get to where we're going, for one thing.
  11. Caradoc

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    "In 2001 a crack terrorist unit crashed some planes into multiple targets on the Eastern Seaboard. In an overreaction still looked at in slack-jawed amazement by the terrorist leaders, the United States Government issued ill-considered, even stupid directives to 'protect' their citizens by violating them every which way from Sunday. Today, still employed by the government, they survive as slack-jawed thugs, thieves, perverts and morons working in your local airports. If you need stupid in industrial-strength quantities, if regular stupid just won't suffice, and if you can stomach their lack of intelligence, ethics, and personal hygiene, maybe you can hire... The TSA Team."
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  12. TravelnMedic

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    That would more then likely have the smurfs crapping themselves and shouting out all sorts of bizarre commands as the floor becomes covered in a river (expletive deleted). Then would probably have the the reporter thrown in jail for dare challenging their (cartman voice) authoritah (/cartman voice)
  13. KrazyKat

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    Their mission, right?
    Clearly no one with the grey-matter to use the software you suggest at any level of this joke of an agency. TSA begs to be scrapped along with its porno scanners.
  14. Caradoc

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    For Ghu's sake, Disneyland has it down to a fine art.
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  15. RB

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    Disneyland uses thinking people.
  16. N965VJ

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    It certainly wasn't for lack of TSA employee staffing. I was in SEA a few days ago and saw about two dozen of them having a pow-wow of some kind just to the right as you exit the checkpoint. You know, I actually thought of snapping a picture.

    Baloney! The lines were moving well when I was going through there because they were using walk through metal detectors at the same time as the Nude-O-Scopes, in the same lanes.
  17. About this:

    We are naughty, naughty zeks, with our belts and shoes and contact lens solution! It's all our fault the lines are long. Asinine, kafkaesque policies have nothing to do with it.
  18. Fisher1949

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    Good. More bad press for TSA. Anything that turns people against TSA is a positive development.
  19. KrazyKat

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    Nor anything unexpected.
    • The morons at TSA have been on notice since February 2012 to remove pure-porno scanners.
    • January 2013 TSA announces removal of all Rapiscan by June 2013, but they leave backscatter as their primary at SEA.
    • May 31, 2013 TSA completes removal Rapiscan at SEA, but did they receive 1:1 WTMD or L3 in exchange over the last year?--oops, what now?:rolleyes: Incredibly, they close N gates checkpoint and the cf begins in earnest, at the expense of the traveling public.
    All could be anticipated. All could be planned for, even with fewer screening portals.
    But instead of distributing traffic, TSA chooses to close a major checkpoint, and funnel everyone through central terminal.
    It is a deliberate choice that defies comprehension in the world of transportation systems, because it is guaranteed to cause such delay.

    For TSA to proffer any excuse other than their own stupidity for the massive backups at SEA, and admonish the public to leave early, is an insult on top of the multi-billion dollar injury to travel and taxpayer that is the TSA.
    The airlines and airport should be made to explain themselves publicly, and the press do their job.
    Every lackwit associated with this debacle should be named and removed from further abuse of the public.
  20. KrazyKat

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    Problem still unabated by the brainiacs responsible.
    From USAToday with no opportunity to comment. However, it's an AP story:
    Long security lines frustrate fliers at Seattle airport

    Alaska Airlines, openly frustrated:
    Summer. Who could have expected THAT!

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