L.A. Fitness trainers like to see hard nipples ...

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  1. Mike

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    I just can't imagine being this forward with anyone at work, especially not a customer ...

    KVUE: Mom sues gym after inappropriate comments

    She [Jamie Johnson] said her experience quickly soured after her two trainers allegedly made sexually explicit comments and put her through unusual exercises.

    Trainer #1:

    Johnson said one trainer put her through unusual exercises that she said exploited her. “I would ask, 'Why this exercise?' or 'Why are you standing there?' and he would bluntly say: 'So I can see your chest move,'” Johnson said. She claims the trainer made sexually explicit statements on a daily basis. At one point Johnson recalled the trainer saying, "I know you’re getting a good workout because your nipples are getting hard."

    Trainer #2:

    Johnson said she cried and left the gym and didn't return for months. She came back to LA Fitness only to have another trainer make similar comments and put her in other unusual exercises that she said exploited her body.

    And back to trainer #1:

    Johnson said the final straw was a text message that her five-year-old first opened. It read: “Do u suffer from hard nipple syndrome,” referring to her previous interaction with her first trainer.

    L.A. Fitness reportedly has been ignoring both the media and the plaintiff's attorney.
  2. Elizabeth Conley

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    Ewww. I sympathize. I also suggest that ladies who suffer from this sort of undesireable attention try nipple pads. Hard nipple syndrome is painful, and can really put a damper on one's love life. You wouldn't catch me asking someone if they suffered from this condition, or even speculating about the possibility. Some things are off limits. I'm thinking these personal trainers are about to get a lesson in respecting boundaries.

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