L.A. Times: Employee conduct making TSA's 'shattered public image' even worse

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    L.A. Times: Employee conduct making TSA's 'shattered public image' even worse

    The Transportation Security Administration suffers from an image problem, and recent criminal and negligent behavior by airport screeners has made matters worse.
    Rep. Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Homeland Security Transportation subcommittee, highlighted the agency’s troubles at a hearing Wednesday. “Stealing from checked luggage, accepting bribes from drug smugglers, sleeping or drinking while on duty – this kind of criminal behavior and negligence has contributed significantly to TSA’s shattered public image,” the Alabama Republican said.

    Yet Rogers, who has criticized TSA in the past for not appropriately disciplining employee misconduct, said he was optimistic about its progress. He responded positively when told the TSA had started immediately firing employees caught stealing, using drugs or failing to screen passengers and luggage.

    “That’s a new development. I’m glad to hear that,” Rogers said.

    “If you have an organization of 60,000 people, that’s like a city — you’re always going to have crime in a city, you’re always going to have people in a city who don’t do things that are proper and make mistakes,” Halinski said.

    Especially when most of those 60,000 come from the bottom of the barrel.
  2. CelticWhisper

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    Wow, that is such (expletive deleted). "Always going to have crime?"

    That's basically flat-out admitting that they fully expect the employee misconduct and crime to stay right where it is. Newsflash: When you're trusted (so to speak) by the public to ensure the (whiny voice)saaaaaaaaaafety of aircraft, you damn well better be able to eliminate misconduct in your organization no matter how big it is. "New people" is no excuse. It's why there are probationary periods following hire date - if they screw up, it's that much easier to shitcan them and bring in the replacement. Lather, rinse, repeat until you get someone with a functional brain and a working sense of decency.

    With TSA, though, it seems like they've been running that process in reverse. Root out all the applicants with a sense of right and wrong and only keep the ones who don't care about rights and dignity, and who will unquestioningly follow orders no matter how many children they terrorize, no matter how many elderly they bring to tears, no matter how many rape victims they re-traumatize, no matter how many veterans they dishonor with their blanket suspicion..."Just doin' mah job."
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    Bloomberg: Crimes by Airport Screeners Aren’t Tolerated, TSA Says

    The U.S. Transportation Security Administration is policing itself and taking swift action in response to accusations of stealing, bribery and other criminal activity by employees, a top official told a House panel today.

    Questions about how effectively the TSA is screening its screeners have added to other embarrassments for the agency, including purchases of equipment that didn’t work and checkpoint confrontations involving children, senior citizens and members of Congress.
    An April arrest of TSA employees at Los Angeles International Airport on drug trafficking charges marked the third case this year involving allegations that agency staff took bribes. Agents have also been accused of stealing iPads, cash and jewelry from luggage.
  4. RB

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    I left a short comment on the story.:rolleyes:
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    WTVM: TSA official: Issues overblown in the media

    The Transportation Security Administration has been under fire lately for a number of security slipups, but the organization's new deputy administrator said the criticisms are a good thing.

    Coverage of missteps show that "we are policing ourselves," TSA Deputy Administration John Halinski said at a House Committee on Homeland Security hearing Wednesday.

    Eh? All the coverage shows is that we can see how badly you're screwing up. John Halinski really has his head stuck in the proverbial paper bag.
  6. Mike

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    They're getting hammered today ...

    Washington Examiner: Congressman: TSA represents everything wrong with the Federal Government

    In recent months, TSA agents have been charged with stealing laptops from checked luggage, accepting bribes from drug smugglers, sleeping on the job or drinking while on duty.

    Putting up a chart, subcommittee chairman Rep. Mike Rogers R-Ala. pointed out that the process for dismissal at the TSA was inefficient.
    “In Americans mind, TSA represents everything wrong with the federal government. Bloated bureaucracy.” Rogers R-AL stated during the hearing to TSA Deputy Administrator John Halinski.

    From the above article, how to fire a TSA employee:

  7. Doober

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    And it was a good one, RB. ^^

    TSA is in damage control mode.
  8. TravelnMedic

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    umm Disney has way more employees then that but you dont hear this level of crimes or incidents... not even close.
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  9. Frank

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    And it works about as well as putting lipstick on a pig.
  10. Fisher1949

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    Flow chart could have been shorter though. Basically iot would go"

    Customer Complaint ====> TSA Statement "TSA screener acted appropriately" ====> Complaint Dismissed

    That's really the way it works anyway.
  11. RB

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    I have no expertise in work flow control but that TSA Complaint Resolution flow Chart shows why discipline at TSA doesn't happen. No one knows who is suppose to take care of the issue. This chart clearly shows why government is mired in mud and inefficient.

    I would suggest that TSA do the simple thing. A central office for all complaints to be filed with, investigated, and acted upon by that central office.
  12. Caradoc

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    As long as the complaints are handled by TSA employees, they will never be handled appropriately.

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