Labor Day air traffic had been predicted down 3.5%, any real data?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Mike, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. Mike

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    This was the prediction, anyone heard what the reality was?

    USA Today: Labor Day air travel to drop 3.5%, airline group says

    The number of passengers on U.S. airlines during the Labor Day holiday will likely decline this year as the recession erodes budgets, but planes will be full and fares are inching higher, experts said Monday. The Labor Day travel forecast from the Air Transport Association (ATA), an industry trade group, said about 3.5% fewer travelers are expected to fly during the eight-day Labor Day holiday period.

    And the fewer that are still flying will be enjoying it even less:

    But major capacity cuts in the last year mean planes will be full as fewer seats are being flown."Economic uncertainty and persistently high energy prices for consumers and businesses continue to impact demand for air travel," ATA Chief Executive James May said in a statement.

    As their customer continue to find more pleasant mode of transportation where they're not raped, mugged and robbed by the staff, the airlines still don't seem to get it.
  2. RB

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    Maybe the airlines will catch on before they park the last airplane.

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