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    Emphasis mine. This is rampant in NYC. One is always seeing video on television news from private security whenever an incident occurs.

    What gets me is that security video does not prevent crime. Oh, it might give the cops an edge in finding an alleged perp, but it doesn't stop the perp from committing his crime in the first place. Harm is still done to individuals in spite of these cameras.
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    Don't forget 16 spanking brand new surveillance cameras in beautiful downtown Ottumwa, Iowa, in case their local terrorista ever gets out of juvenile detention.
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    Related to this total surveillance state, check out this story:

    from that story:
    what a brave new world we live in....
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    What's the big deal? My prints are probably still on file from when I got my stock broker (Series 7) license in the late 1990s. I did, however, let my license lapse, so they can't blame me for anything that happens on Wall Street! ;)
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    At political demonstrations, there are always several cops with cameras, still photo and video, whose only job is to go around photographing the demonstrators. I always give them a big smile and sometimes a peace sign.

    Re LARIAT and all those other alphabet-soup acronyms I can't keep track of, the bureaucratic language at those web sites makes me want to scream. And if I see one more instance, now rampant, of the incorrect use of "comprise," I will scream! ("Comprise" means "include" or "contain." It doesn't mean "compose" or "constitute" (no matter what know-nothing dictionaries on the web say). "Comprised of" is wrong. "Composed of" is correct. But in the past few years, people have jacked up their pretentious-meter and started using "comprised of" instead of "composed of.")

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