Larry the Cable Guy Does TSA Propaganda

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Apr 5, 2012.

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    Saw an Only in America segment with Larry the Cable Guy last night where he panders to the "brave" men and women at TSA. It was so absurd I felt compelled to send him the following nasty gram.

    I saw your piece on the TSA on History Channel last night. I was disappointed that you would resort to doing propaganda statements for this corrupt agency.

    Please tell me what is so 'brave" about strip searching elderly women, fondling little children and stealing passenger laptops?

    Are you aware that there have been 84 TSA screeners arrested for serious crimes since December 2010 including 11 arrested for child sex crimes?

    There were four arrested just last week including one for running a prostitution ring and another for smuggling drugs through HNL airport. In that same week another in MD was convicted for child pornography.

    I used to enjoy your comedy but will no longer watch if you support an agency that is this corrupt and abusive.

    You can email him from his website home page at
    No registration needed.

    Show information;
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    Thanks for the link. I, too, will send him a message.
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    I never heard of Larry the Cable Guy before, but I just sent this message:
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  5. Mike

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    Sounds like a great motto for the "assists" that are risking their lives daily on the front lines of the war against terror.

    Shuddup grandma, we gotta Git-R-Done!
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    I'm going to try and catch a repeat, because for the life of me I can't see how watching TSA employees snap on blue gloves and grope people "makes America great".

    Larry would be better off going to places like this if he wants to see some interesting places that make this country unique. :p
  7. Fisher1949

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    It was a stomach churner. The behind the scenes part was the super secret baggage screening system, where the TSA brain trust named the Secure 1000 x-ray scanners after the seven dwarfs. Yes, the seven dwarfs.

    It seems they wanted to keep the names on the screeners' intellectual level. They wouldn't recognize any characters from Tolstoy, Hemingway or God forbid, Orwell.

    BTW, wait to you see the way they isolate baggage with an "anomaly". There is a ram that hits the offending bag at something near 100 mph. It's a violent blow and any breakables are rendered unbreakable thereafter.
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