Las Vegas Review-Journal: EDITORIAL: Make the TSA just go away

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    Las Vegas Review-Journal: EDITORIAL: Make the TSA just go away (Sept 13 2013)

    ... Putting the TSA and “intelligence” in the same sentence is a reach. But the agency’s decision to stop treating everyone as a suspect is akin to football’s Tim Tebow converting to atheism. It’s an abandonment of religion.

    The new process, which could be in place as soon as one month from now, will randomly select passengers considered low-security risks. Passengers won’t know of their status until they receive their boarding pass or present the pass to the first TSA security checkpoint.

    Those who get a Golden Ticket will use lines normally reserved ..

    But let’s not kid ourselves here. The TSA should go a lot further. So far, in fact, that the agency shuts down.

    ... The idea that only 25 to 30 percent of daily airline passengers are low security risks is preposterous. A more accurate figure is 99.9999999 percent.

    The TSA might be the least-effective agency in the federal government ...

    The TSA has never stopped an act of terrorism, and it has never caught a single terrorist ... The TSA is a massive fraud perpetrated to fool the public into feeling safe.


    Congratulations to the TSA for acknowledging the absurdity of its practice for the past 12 years. Now it should get out of the way and let private companies handle common-sense security screenings at the country’s airports. The TSA is a terrible reminder of the freedoms and rights we have lost in the post-9/11 world. It’s not too late to get them back.

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