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    And in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution yesterday, we heard Laughter on the Pre-Check program, a column by John Laughter, that is:

    AJC: A smoother, faster experience for fliers (Sept 2 2013)

    Laughter runs through all the usual mumbo jumbo about Pre-Check, neglecting to mention that even IF you are approved and IF there is a Pre-Check line at your departure point, your participation is still subject to random selection and might not be flagged on your boarding pass, despite your payment of that $85.00.

    Considering that Laughter is a V.P. for Delta, home of the ever inflating SkyPesos program, what's one more fairy tale among many?

    An accompanying column by AJC report Tom Sabulis was somewhat more succinct:

    Unfortunately, due to budget cuts, TSA cannot add personnel to handle the new influx, so your wait may feel like a familiar one, no matter what lane you’re in.

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