LAX Smurfchen to get higher edumacation

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  1. Mike

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    Another case for privatization -- can't imagine private companies coughing up the bucks for this nonsense.

    Daily Breeze: El Camino College gets deal to give TSA training

    Under a program that began in August, about 80 screeners are taking a semester-long class offered by the college called Introduction to Homeland Security. In the spring, many of those students will take Intelligence and Security Management, school officials said. The TSA is paying for registration fees and books and the class is being offered at a facility near the airport.
  2. Frank

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    Remedial English? :D
  3. RB

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    How about remedial manners?
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  4. Mike

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    charm school
  5. DeafBlonde

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    General health and hygiene training, too!
  6. Elizabeth Conley

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    Cult indoctrination.

    Kool aid. Lots and lots of Kool aid masquerading as "higher education," and all on the taxpayer's dime.

    That's what "teacher education" is, and the results are predictably bad. I expect this to be 1000 times worse.
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