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    PRWEB via Digital Journal: First-ever TSA Graduating Class in Denver Metro Area Honored at Community College of Aurora Ceremony

    A group of 32 Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees became the first-ever class in the Denver Metro area to earn a TSA Homeland Security Certificate. Their educational commitment executed through coursework at CCA, an Aurora and Denver community college, was recognized at an April 10 ceremony.

    The TSA Associates Program, which partners with community colleges across the country, offers three classes: Introduction to Homeland Security, Intelligence Analysis & Security Technology, and Transportation and Border Security. Officers receive a certificate of achievement upon successful completion of the three classes, but the program also gives them a jump start to pursue a two-year criminal justice degree while improving their career advancement opportunities at TSA.

    “I can already tell you we’ve just added an extra layer of security to the airport community because these folks are more aware of their surroundings. I think that’s key,” said Lawrence Nau, Acting Federal Security Director for TSA Denver.

    CCA has been able to retain 31 of the 32 graduates to continue into a nationally unique fourth course covering Homeland Security. That class in addition to the previous three already completed means these TSA employees already will have reached one-fifth of the credits needed to obtain a two-year degree.


    One fifth of a two-year degree = one tenth of a read degree = 12.8 credits where I went to school. I had more than 3X that in advanced placement credits for doing something useful with my brain in its first 17 years.

    Sorry, not the least bit impressed!
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    And the academic enterprise business finds a way to capitalize on the fear mongering.

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