Legal Prostitution Means Prostitutes Are Entitled to Human Treatment

Discussion in 'What's On Your Mind?' started by Elizabeth Conley, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. Elizabeth Conley

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    As long as prostitution is illegal, sadistic sociopaths and authoritarians will consider them fair game for abuse and exploitation:

  2. RB

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    I don't think a sociopath would really care if prostitution was legal or not. In the case mentioned the bigger crime was the indifference the police demonstrated to the woman.
  3. nachtnebel

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    The charter of the police needs to move from law enforcement to peace keeping, as it was at some time long ago. The law enforcement focus means they're not really engaged until they're writing a ticket or arresting someone, maybe beating them with a baton or shooting them.
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  4. Frank

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    These days the prime purpose of a police department is revenue generation. That's why tickets are more important that rape investigations, and drug raids more important than murder investigations. It's also why you get shitbirds like that Arkansas police chief that believes the 4th amendment doesn't mean him.

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