Legal training for TSA agents? Is there any whatsoever???

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by RosemaryT, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. RosemaryT

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    In the "Manassas Sex Assault" thread, Sunny Goth wrote,
    This is an excellent point.

    Each class of police recruits here in my town are given several hours of instruction about the law, constitutional rights, legal consequences, and civil lawsuits, and how it applies to police officers. The goal is to teach these up-and-coming police officers how to stay on the right side of the law. One of the things they're taught is, "always behave as though you're being videotaped, because chances are good, you will be videotaped."

    It's the city attorney's office that provides the information to the recruits, and it's VERY thorough. It's in the city's best interest to make sure the newbies don't go off half-cocked and do something stupid, or unprofessional that'll get them (and the city) embroiled in a lawsuit.

    Is anyone providing the TSA with such instruction? Are they getting *any* training at all?

    Because they're not acting like they're getting any training whatsoever. And I guess the consequences to the government are non-existent. Who cares if you sue the government? They've got *plenty* of money - OUR money! I guess the thinking is that a lawsuit is no skin off their nose?

    Is anyone training the TSA goons? Or maybe the the training consists of one simple sentence: "We're above the law, so anything goes."

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  2. Caradoc

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    Given the amount of "retraining" mentioned every time a TSA employee screws up, it's evident that the TSA deliberately hires untrainable morons.

    Whether or not they're given any training is irrelevant. They're patently incapable of learning anything.
  3. RB

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    I'm not sure the typical TSA employee is capable of understanding the limitations that law places on them.
  4. KrazyKat

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    Excellent point. This speaks to the quality of the management, at an executive level, even more than the clerks on the floor.

    Whatever training appears to include blurting out commands contravening law and making legal pronouncements whether or not based in fact, such as "that's a Federal Offense!" when spotting a pistol-tooled purse.

    I wonder if the LEOs even get the training you describe. 'More evidence of organizational FAILURE.
  5. FaustsAccountant

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    What's that?:confused:
  6. RosemaryT

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    In our town, they do. And it's a pretty thorough class.
  7. nachtnebel

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    Train the TSA in constitutional concepts? You have got to be kidding. Many of these folks, not all, but many, couldn't spell cat if you spotted them the "c" and the "t". The ones that could understand these things are pre-selected to NOT care about them. That's why they have no problem violating the constitutional rights and dignity of passengers. If the TSA did train its people in these things, all you'd get is more TSORons. As unhappy a thought as that is.

    None of these people care about the Constitution or liberty or even common human decency. It's all about how much they can get away with.
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  8. Lisa Simeone

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    As the saying goes, a fish rots from the head. And John Pistole, who is trained, has given his goons carte blanche to abuse people. As long as he stays, nothing will change. And even if he were to go, I still say nothing would change. People have to stand up and fight this. We can't wait for our worthless "leaders" to do it.
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  9. I discussed this with Rugape a little in this thread. He is taking TSA-sponsored continuing education courses at a community college. He says they learned about the constitution as it pertains to how it is they're allowed to do what they do. I wanted to know how thoroughly they learned about fourth amendment case law and the complexities of administrative search doctrine (including the very valid argument that some aspects of TSA searches quite blatantly violate it) but he didn't go into very much detail.
  10. Mike

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    In other words, edumacation for poeple who don't even have half a degree. Back in my days as a semi-professional student, I took some grad level poli sci courses in "relevant" (fab term from the 60s & 70s :) ) areas such as constitutional law, public policy & American gov't. I'm sure there must be some exceptions out there somewhere, but the screeners I've observed around here wouldn't last five minutes in one of those classes -- they just don't have the critical thinking skills & background for the subject matter. There's a reason why they are screeners ...

    Even at community colleges, there are curricula that will turn into careers such as law enforcement & nursing. How many screeners do we see or hear of with career goals beyond groping grannies & barking?
  11. nachtnebel

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    Educating yourself is life long, fun, and beneficial. I'm all for people improving themselves and their skills, no matter what their occupation is. This particular issue though, is not education related. You either know that sexual molestation of others is wrong, and why, or you do not know. As Aristotle pointed out, you either have this kind of knowledge by the time you reach the age of reason or you will never have it (ie, it is ingrained by habit and parental teaching well before school). It cannot be taught as an academic exercise.

    Rubbing innocent people's groin areas, breasts, buttocks, knowing they don't want it and by force and duress is sexual molestation of the grossest order. If you do not know this, if you are willing to do this to other people, then there is no hope for you. You cannot be educated to know that this is wrong as a college class. (This doesn't apply to searches of prisoners or arrestees who need to be searched of course, but it applies in SPADES to innocent passengers traveling, old women, women, children, young girls.)

    Rugape, you cannot get around the essence of what your TSA folks are doing to people, now, at the gate in random full body gropes even though they cooperated with the ATR scanners. You cannot get around the element of duress in what is being done to people, with the abuses we see with that 85-year old in Florida, forcibly stripped of her clothing in the private hut. You can only grasp for excuses and reach for justifications. Please don't cite court cases when the truth is there for us all to see. Classes won't help you here where one should have had the knowledge well before the high school years.
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  12. Lisa Simeone

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    Rugape has still, despite repeated requests, never responded to the existence of the Master Lists. He just keeps ignoring the question. How is it possible, if these accounts are so "rare," that there are thousands of similar accounts of assault and abuse in the Master Lists? Rugape?
  13. Doober

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    Since Ronnie's interpretation of the Constitution is so skewed, he'd end up in a brawl with the instructor over his interpretation.
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  14. RB

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    I find silence from our TSA contributors interesting when the news is filled with more TSA malfeasance.

    Only my opinion but they just can't face the truth of how big a disgrace their employer is.
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  15. FaustsAccountant

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    Someone is proud of him, on his way to being a A+ model TSA blue shirt...
  16. Caradoc

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    Or how big a disgrace they personally are. Guilt by association.

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