Legal vultures taking aim at OSI Systems (Rapiscan)?

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    It would so break my heart if some of these legal vultures started picking at the bones on Rapiscan's carcass. Now if only L-3 would similarly misstep!

    PR piece, reprinted in full, also note self-disclosure that it is "attorney advertising":

    Sacramento Bee: SHAREHOLDER ALERT. Morgan & Morgan Announces it has commenced an investigation into OSI Systems, Inc. (OSIS)

    Morgan & Morgan is investigating whether OSI Systems, Inc. (OSIS) and/or its officers and directors violated state or federal securities laws. OSI Systems, among other activities, manufactures and supplies the Transportation Security Administration ("TSA") with body scanning equipment.

    On November 15, 2012, shares of OSI Systems fell over 25% after it was reported that Congressman Mike Rogers, the Chairman of the House Transportation Security Subcommittee, issued a letter to the TSA stating that is subcommittee received a tip indicating that OSI Systems had faked a key test and may have committed fraud by "knowingly manipulating" the results of an operational test. OSI Systems has denied the allegation, but if true OSI could be hit with fines, prison terms and a ban on receiving government contracts if the allegation is proven.

    Click here to learn more about the OSI Systems (OSIS) shareholder class action lawsuit investigation. If you have information that would assist Morgan & Morgan in its investigation, or would like to discuss your legal rights, you may, without obligation or cost to you, call George Pressly, Esq , toll free, 1 (800) 631-6234 or email George at

    About Morgan & Morgan

    Morgan & Morgan is one of the nation's largest 200 law firms. In addition to being a securities law firm, the firm also practices in the areas of personal injury, consumer protection, overtime, and product liability. All of the Firm's legal endeavors are rooted in its core mission: provide investor and consumer protection and always fight "for the people."

    Attorney advertising. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.
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    Good. F them...
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    Lie down with dogs, get fleas.
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