Let the propaganda roll: "Learn How DHS Helps Keep Our Nation Safe"

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    Die Nappie ist die Siegerin!

    CNS News: Homeland Security Website: 'Learn How DHS Helps Keep Our Nation Safe'

    The Department of Homeland Security, as of 10:15 a.m. EDT Tuesday, was featuring on its home page a message explaining "how DHS helps keep our nation safe."

    Clicking on the featured story -- "A Day in the Life of DHS" -- takes visitors to a page showing what DHS is doing by "air, sea, land, or in cyberspace" to protect Americans.

    "Every day, DHS employees all over the country work to protect the American public from a range of threats, including terrorism, natural disasters, cyber attacks and other emergencies and disasters. Whether by air, sea, land or in cyberspace, DHS vigilance over the last ten years helps keep our nation safe."

    The feature includes a chart showing how the DHS keeps busy with screenings, seizures, confiscations, inspections, patrols, citizenship verifications and other activities.

    On the DHS home page, right below the featured “Day in the Life of DHS," is a statement on the Boston explosions from Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. :td:
  2. Umm, wasn't one of their seizures Kinder Surprise eggs because the toys inside are supposed choking hazards? Chocolate eggs that children all over Europe (and Canada, I believe) eat without incident every day? How exactly is this sort of thing worth a police state? Oh yeah, right. It isn't.
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    If we're supposed to be responsible for "seeing something and saying something" what the (expletive deleted) are we spending all this money for DHS to do?

    Napolitano could get burned big time on this one. DHS was formed largely to insulate the President from these sorts of disasters. If you recall the statement Bush made that it would never happen again "on my watch", it illustrated that is a political nightmare for a President and now Obama gets a blot on his administration. Someone will pay for this one and hopefully it will be Nappy.
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    Die Fahne hoch... Heil Hitler, Janet. Let me know how the propaganda works on the killed and maimed.

    How many hundreds of billions down the drain, how far gone down the road to a police state, sexual molestations at airports,
    and yet you cannot see stuff like this coming. You never will.

    Get out of the middle east. Quit hurting other people and perhaps, just perhaps, they won't return the favor.
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