Letter to the Editor The TSA’s security measures

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    From our good friend John Pistole - go give him (expletive deleted). I just did.

    I’d like to make some things clear in response to the Nov. 11 editorial “Tricking the TSA.”
    Anyone who is on the FBI “no-fly list” or is considered a risk to aviation security is precluded from printing his own boarding pass. Also, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has been working and continues to work with industry to prevent passengers from manipulating boarding pass data, which is a criminal offense. The TSA has created a layered security approach so that all passengers who go through checkpoints, including those in the TSA “PreCheck” program, are subject to multiple security measures including behavior detection, screening and canine assessment that secure travelers and our nation’s aviation system.
    John S. Pistole, Arlington
    The writer is head of the Transportation Security Administration.
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    Typical nonsense about their worthless layers of security, at the heart of which are degenerate pizza eaters turned gropers with two-digit IQ's, with all do respect to the many average and decent people with two-digit IQ's who would never assault their neighbors.

    We've haven't had a repeat of 9/11 because our basic doctrines are changed to a policy of resistance instead of compliance, and towards that goal cockpit doors have been hardened.
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    Comments don't seem to be loading.
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    I couldn't see any when I looked last night.
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    I wonder how long my comment will stay after calling him a child molester. At least it posted for an hour or so.

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