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    LHR T3 now has a screening survey machine similar to the ones at Chinese immigration, with coloured buttons to rate the experience. I also mentioned last week that LH has a security screening survey as part of their onboard survey.

    I don't know how long the T3 one has been there, and I didn't see one at T1, but it may be part of the general pre-Olympics 'improvements' at LHR (yet to see any, really!)

    Unfortunately there was no button for 'once again a short queue became backed up thanks to the people who are too stupid to realise that the shoe carnival only exists in one part of the world, and who refused to listen to multiple requests from staff and passengers NOT to remove their shoes'

    (Again, I am certainly not anti-American, but I am willing to proclaim that I am anti-stupid, and it is astounding how well the US government brain-washing campaign has worked on its citizens)

    I am desperately looking for alternate routes for my summer travels, even if it means changing to another airline alliance...
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    Exactly. Which is why so many of them will do anything the authorities ask. I guarantee you, if they were asked to strip down to their underwear in line, especially if the TSA gave some lame excuse like, "we're separating men from women and children, so it's okay," they would do it.
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    This is a satirical piece I got from Twitter about how the TSA would now be banning passengers from wearing underwear. It was meant to be sarcastic but I'm thinking it wasn't so far from the truth - that if TSA actually did ban passengers from wearing underwear there would be plenty who would comply simply because they would think it would "keep them safe". http://my.auburnjournal.com/detail/207512.html
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    There is nothing -- and I do mean nothing -- many people wouldn't do "to keep us safe."

    You can't believe some of the comments at Shoshana Hebshi's own blog after she was handcuffed, hauled off a plane, and strip-searched. "It was her fault for flying on the 9/11 anniversary! Didn't she know there would be extra scrutiny?? She should've flown on another day. The authorities are just trying to keep us safe."

    On and on.

    You simply cannot make this (expletive deleted) up.

    This why I so often say people in this country are getting what they asked for, and what they deserve.
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