Life sure sucks for certain Kennebunkans

Discussion in 'What's On Your Mind?' started by Mike, Oct 17, 2012.

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    Then charge her with getting the wrong permit, whatever the illegal recording/voyeurism/blackmail charges are, and get on with it.

    If it weren't illegal, there wouldn't be a market for streetwalkers.

    (I should point out that when I was living in such a neighborhood, *I* got propositioned by males looking for homosexual prostitutes. A bit confusing.)
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    In a few trailers out in the Nevada desert, I don't care. In my urban neighborhood, you're in my sights.

    Two big problems with this.

    One is the "you". The johns & hookers are solely responsible for this situation. Nobody else needs to share their blame. I could have a lot of sympathy for a druggie turning tricks to get a fix (they need the breaks, and especially the help) but that doesn't apply here.

    Secondly, what is destructive of families & communities is running a whorehouse right in everyone's face where the people in the neighborhood (e.g. Toppings Pizza staff & customers & other surrounding businesses) have to confront it on a daily basis. Eliminating that plague from your neighborhood is constructive, not destructive.

    So grab some :popcorn: and enjoy the spectacle. Personally I think the police & prosecutors are making a strategic mistake (both legally & socially) in the way they're handling this, and some big blow back is likely to come their way.
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    The business is closed, so that's moot. Usual remedy in most cities is order you to comply or close. And she did also run a legit dance studio there (see the "Party in Pink" video above).

    They're doing that, too (invasion of privacy). How they're going to make that work with all the ticked-off johns who probably won't cooperate is beyond me.

    There's lots of :popcorn: out in the lobby.
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    I did find a picture (actually from a sequence [<-- NSFW warning & I do mean NSFW!] captured at 3-second intervals from a video) of one of her "clients" who probably won't be charged. I'm not sure if I should put a bar over his face to protect his privacy or not, but what the heck ...


    It seems the Zumba Madam serviced not only 150 or so odd men from Kennebunk, Maine, and surrounding communities, but she also gave some real meaning to the expression "lucky dog". I can only imagine what's going through the minds of the up to 150 women who husbands bonked the chick who nailed the pooch.

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