Live shotgun shell found on Delta plane bound for Detroit in Milwaukee airport [DTW, MKE]

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    So shocked that they didn't dump the terminals at MKE and DTW*! Obviously they weren't thinking about the children.

    Click On Detroit: Live shotgun shell found on Delta plane bound for Detroit in Milwaukee airport: Delta removes passengers from Detroit-bound plane after shotgun shell found on seat in General Mitchell International Airport (Nov 28 2012)

    Passengers on a Delta Air Lines flight were taken off a plane in Milwaukee and rescreened after a man found a live shotgun shell at his seat. Milwaukee County sheriff's spokeswoman Fran McLaughlin says the passenger notified flight crew at about 6:45 a.m. Wednesday of the shell while the Detroit-bound plane was still at General Mitchell International Airport.

    * From FlightAware, most likely the A319 that arrived from DTW the evening before. There could be more of these dangerous items at DTW. The weenies need to evacuate & search DTW & think of the children.
  2. These poor people had to be regroped and rezapped because a shell somebody forgot about fell out of their bag on an earlier flight.
  3. Mike

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    What if it was planted by tewwowists testing the system? Please, Phoebe, think of the darned children! They deserve every abundance of caution.;)
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    An acquaintance's father flew transAtlantic just a few years ago with four 12ga shells in his jacket pocket. Found them on arrival in Austria.
  5. :rolleyes:
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