Loews Hotels claims it is partnering with DHS to get its "elite" customers into precheck programs

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    So the wealthy and privileged won't be bother while normal people continue to be abused and have their rights abridged by TSA ...

    Press release from Lowes Hotels:

    Loews Hotels & Resorts Chairman Jonathan Tisch and U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano announced a joint effort today to promote the Trusted Traveler Network which incorporates the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) Global Entry and the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Pre✓™programs. Loews Hotels is the first hotel and resort company to work in conjunction with the two offices within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to offer these programs to guests to enhance the travel experience.
    Loews Hotels is offering YouFirst Platinum loyalty rewards members complimentary enrollment in the Global Entry program via an online process by incurring the cost of the $100 application fee for its most loyal guests. With a Global Entry membership, U.S. citizens are automatically qualified to participate in expedited screening with TSA Pre✓™.
    “Partnerships are integral to the way we do business as a brand,” said Jonathan Tisch. “Our collaboration highlights the importance of the public and private sectors working together to improve hospitality for all our guests, whether that be at our hotels or traveling through an airport.”
    “At DHS, we take seriously our commitment to ensuring the safety and security of passengers coming to and traveling throughout the U.S., while at the same time, helping facilitate lawful travel, trade and tourism,” said Secretary Napolitano. “Collaboration with our private sector partners is integral to our mission and I’m pleased to announce our newest collaboration, which brings together a hospitality leader with two DHS programs that provide the traveling public more efficient, expedited travel opportunities – CBP’s Global Entry and TSA Pre✓™.”
    Global Entry is a CBP program that allows expedited clearance for pre-approved, low-risk international travelers upon arrival in the United States. Using an automated kiosk, travelers scan their passports and fingerprints, answer the customs declaration questions using the kiosk’s touch screen and proceed with a receipt to the exit with the whole process taking approximately a minute to complete.
    TSA Pre✓™ is an expedited domestic screening initiative that is expanding to airports across the country. Implementing a key component of the agency’s intelligence-driven, risk-based approach to security, TSA Pre✓™ enhances aviation security by placing more focus on pre-screening individuals who volunteer to participate to expedite the travel experience.
    “As the Loews Hotels portfolio continues to expand, we are dedicated to improving our guests’ complete travel experience from airport security checkpoints to hotel check-ins,” said Paul Whetsell, CEO & President of Loews Hotels & Resorts. “To be the first hotel brand to offer this service demonstrates that we understand the needs of travelers, especially those who travel frequently for business.”
    Current Platinum YouFirst members will receive an e-mail today with this exclusive one-time offer which will expire in 60 days.
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    Good writeup on the Loews arrangement in Examiner, ends with the truth:

    Traveler's continue to volunteer massive amounts of personal information for a false sense of security.
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    Sign up today! The TSA needs a lot more than just ~25% of frequent travelers in PreCheck to free up resources for the groping of others! Just ignore all the Ifs /Ands/ Buts / Mays / Mights.

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    The program remains stuck at ~0.2% of all fliers gets to use this. The ones who do get through seem to be elated the first time then depressed when they don't get chosen on the next trip. Talk a about a tease program.

    Meanwhile TSA rings up $100 for every sucker who gives up their first born to get in the program.
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    Go, Becky! ^ ^ (from LRC Blog)

    Posted by Becky Akers on September 25, 2012 05:14 AM
    I had never heard of Loews Hotels; see the blissful ignorance with which staying on the ground and avoiding the TSA’s groping blesses a gal? But apparently the corporation “has 18 hotels and resorts in the United States and Canada, including the 414-room Loews Atlanta.”
    Loews also embraces economic fascism as enthusiastically as did Mussolini and his buddy, Adolf.
    The company now pimps for bureaucracies in the Department of Homeland Security. It offers serfs a deal: if “its most loyal guests” will enroll in the “Customs and Border Protection's Global Entry and the Transportation Security Administration's PreCheck” – furnishing the Feds with biographical and biometric information as we move ever closer to a “Papers, please” paradigm –, Loews will pay the programs’ “$100 application fee.”
    Loews’ chairman, Jonathan Tisch, defends his promotion of totalitarianism: "Our collaboration” – nice touch, isn’t it, echoing Vichy’s cooperation with the Nazis – “highlights the importance of the public and private sectors working together to improve hospitality for all our guests, whether that be at our hotels or traveling through an airport."
    Yo, Johnny: no hotel – or any other business – should trouble itself about what happens to customers beyond its walls. As your patron, I expect to enjoy my stay. Every aspect of it, in fact. Disappoint me, slight me, insult me, cheat me, and I won’t be back. But once I leave your premises, your interest in me ends. Otherwise, you’re annoying at best and creepy at worst. What do you think the outcry against corporations’ stalking-sorry, tracking us on the net is all about? Impinging on the rest of our lives, horning in to manage them for us and prying into our affairs, characterizes the State, not entrepreneurs.
    Those of you cursed with travel in Amerika’s gulag may want to avoid Loews, given its horrific philosophy and its inevitably rising prices as it subsidizes the DHS’s police-state.
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    As we’ve noted repeatedly about the TSA program called Pre-Check, not only is it the embodiment of “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others,” but it doesn’t guarantee participants expedited screening. Nor scan-free nor grope-free nor hassle-free travel.​
    Nevertheless, people are still hopping on board, desperately hoping to escape the abuse that their fellow travelers endure.

    So no surprise that other businesses are getting in on the act. The Loews Hotel chain is now “partnering” with the TSA and DHS to enroll people in Pre-Check. If you’re a frequent flyer and frequent hotel guest, you can get the $100 extortion enrollment fee waived. In other words, Loews is doing the TSA’s dirty work for them.

    But that’s life.

    As is so often the case, one of the most pernicious effects of authoritarianism is that it enlists its victims as complicit in their own abuse.

    Watch for other hotels, resorts, car rental companies, who-knows-what-else to join the fun.

    Happy Trails!
    (Photo: Flickr Creative Commons/vxla)
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    Gotta love Becky.>3

    I just wish the LRC posts took comments.
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    I can't wait for the local grocery store, the paperboy/girl, and fast food joint to 'partnership" with PreCheck.:rolleyes:
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