Louise Slaughter Didn't Care.

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    Congresswoman Louise Slaughter​

    By Davy V.

    With Elections coming up, I just wanted people to know why I DO NOT support Congresswoman Louise Slaughter.

    And why I WILL NOT be voting for her.

    In the 1990's, while the Rochester, NY Police was harassing and intimidating my dad Mario Vara daily, as a result of his work as a community activist against police misconduct and corruption, I personally wrote Congresswoman Louise Slaughter several Certified letters begging her to please do something.

    I pleaded with her to please intervene and please do something, since Rochester, NY City officials refused to do anything about the RPD abusing my family.


    She didn't care.

    As many of you who follow my work as an activist and writer exposing police misconduct and corruption, know, my Dad Mario Vara committed suicide, after more than a year of the Rochester, NY Police department harassing and intimidating him.

    She didn't care.

    What the RPD did to my Dad is perhaps the worst thing that someone can do to a person.

    Worse than any beating.

    They broke him down psychologically.

    They are very good at that.

    All law enforcement is.

    This went on for at least a year.

    It got worse.

    Finally it got to the point where my Dad stopped going to rallies and events.

    My Dad who had always been an outgoing man so full of energy and passion would barely socialize at all.

    I will never forget that loud bang.

    He killed himself in his bedroom.

    She didn't care.

    As my dad's body was being brought out in a bag, RPD investigator Lou Alletto, along with several RPD officers stood outside the house on Child Street and laughed as they smoked cigarettes.

    I will never forget that. It was the beginning of who I am now, and of what I decided to do... Never stop exposing the Rochester, NY Police department.

    In the end the Rochester, NY Police department won.

    They hated my Dad and they succeeded at what they set out to do which was making his life so miserable that he gave up.

    If you think about it, the RPD bullied my dad, until he took his life.

    I always think when I hear about these kids who take their lives because they have so much pain as a result of being bullied, just how bad is that pain is, where one wants out.

    And now I see just how bad it was for my Dad in the end.


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    Davy, I'm so sorry for both your dad's experience and your own.
    This IS organized activity, not the product of imaginings of an unhappy person. I've read that the energy industry has been involved in this recently, a kind of corporatist thuggery. Collections are a boom industry.
    Organized harrassment of individuals.
    What a vignette.

    Davy, I don't believe all police and politicians are evil--but when you've faced monsters and horror like that, the reaction is understandable.

    In the US we talk about taking individual responsibility for reprehensible actions. But mobbing, targeting of certain individuals for destruction by a group is little discussed, all but invisible but no less real.

    For people who have experienced what is essentially covert and overt political bullying, it would--like for gay teens-- help if their predicament were more widely known, helping prevent their isolation. Sick, corrupt organizations help maintain their pathology, removing "risks" to their status quo, by using these tactics.
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