Louisiana Man Assaults Videographer Who Video Recorded his Trackhoe

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  1. A Louisiana man claimed a reporter did not have the right to video record his trackhoe from a public street because it was his “private property.”
    So the man stormed up to the reporter, grabbed her camera and refused to let go for several minutes.
    So much for private property.
    "You might be on a public road but that's private property right there," he said.
    Elray Dubois was so insistent that he was right, he even vowed to sue KALB reporter Brooke Buford if she dared air the video of his trackhoe.
    "When the police get here, I'll let go of it," he said. "You took a picture of my machine, that belongs to me."
    The incident took place Sunday in Montgomery, a town in Central Louisiana that has been without water since Friday because of a broken water line.
    It was only last year that it was named one of the "Best Places to Live" in the United States.
    Buford and fellow reporter Nolan Crane drove into town to report on the situation when they came across a group of people operating the backhoe, trying to remedy the broken line.
    This is how they explained it in their report:
    When we introduced ourselves to the workers, Anita McCracken, the superintendent of the gas and water system and Elray Dubois, another man on the project, told us to stop shooting vi
    Brooke and Nolan filed police reports about the incident with Elray Dubois. Montgomery Police have charged him with simple battery. We have a court date in August.​
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