Maggie, another person sexually assaulted by the TSA

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    I don’t know what to say anymore. Take a look at this woman’s video.
    Americans are tolerating this abuse. I don’t know what to say anymore, other than to repeat what I’ve said so many times: TSA administrator John Pistole is a criminal. He has instituted criminal procedures that his underlings follow, that our politicians endorse, and that millions of Americans tolerate.
    I give up. I’ve run out of words. So I’ll let the words of civil rights crusader Frederick Douglass do the talking:
    Find out just what the people will submit to and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue until they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.
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    The first comment on YouTube:

    Me/family opted-out of a flight to Philly not long ago via B'ham, did not want to go through the microwave scanners. They really wanted to get their hands on ME, wife & 2 pretty teen daughters after that. We got what little stuff we had, agreed it was not worth it & left being harrased all the way out & missing our flight. These are some sick people that work at the TSA with their stinky gloves & it looks like their not going away anytime soon. You seem like a nice lady, sorry this happened.
  3. Mike

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    The audio level is so low I just can't understand her. (Hearing aids in, volume level at max for both laptop & YouTube, wife's TV muted). Some people are better off writing.
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    YouTube's closed captioning (CC button at bottom) leaves a lot to be desired but you can a really good idea: This was a really instrusive screening with a lot of screeners (CC said 30-40) hanging around.
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    Here are the names of the perps. Let's sign her petition and try to make contact:
  6. Mike

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    Thanks for the quotes w/ names, more coming up on Google!
  7. Mike

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    CNN iReport: TSA Out of Control
    By maggoozer | Posted November 3, 2012

    My letter to the TSA customer service rep for Birmingham Airport. BTW my female anatomy is normal.

    Dear Mr. Hester,

    I am a 58 year old female who was traveling with my husband returning home to San Diego, California, after a trip to Birmingham to celebrate my mother's 87th birthday.

    The following is what happened during a TSA screening. To say the least I am appalled, angered and outraged by this behavior. I expect the two female TSA agents be fired and never hired as TSA agents again. I also expect an apology from the head of the TSA.

    Your TSA manager Mr. Talley informed me the names of the two offensive TSA agents involved are a Ms. McShreky and a Ms. McKnight. I want to also inform you I have contacted the ACLU, my attorney and my senator and congressman, Alabama representatives plus other media outlets.

    This is how my day unfolded:

    Highlight: TSA sexual assault plus being ridiculed in public by two TSA agents telling me I had an abnormal crotch/female parts protrusion!!! Three crotch exams; a crotch metal detector screening by TSA agents; my female parts being the discussion of the TSA screening team, men included; being forced to go to a private room for a crotch screening; and further being told by two female TSA agents during those screenings I had an abnormal protrusion between my legs is not my idea of flying the friendly skies.

    As usual, at the TSA ID and ticket check (Terminal C Birmingham Airport-American Airlines), I ask the TSA agent if full body scanners were available as I have two artificial knees. He replies no, they don't have body scanners. As I have endured hundreds of these pat downs due to my titanium knees I grumble to myself just get through it. For the record, I abhor these pat-downs, why does some stranger get to put her hands all over my female parts between my legs???

    I trigger the alarm and am told to wait for a female assist. The female TSA agent directs me to a screening area and explains the procedure. I tell her I’ve been through these many times, so I understand the process. She begins the pat down on my posterior. When she moves her hands up my legs to my buttocks, I think this is extremely thorough as she applies a lot of hand pressure to the area between my legs. Next she tells me she is going to examine my front. Again, when she gets to my crotch area, more hand pressure is applied on these areas than any of my previous TSA pat downs. She tells me she has to check the residue on her glove and my screening exam will be over.

    Several agents come and go, testing their gloves and I think this is strange why doesn't she let me leave. Then I notice her whispering to another agent and then a whole group of male and female agents are talking in a huddle and looking at me .

    A female TSA agents approaches me. She informs me the first screener felt something abnormal between my legs. I am shocked and reply, there is no abnormal growth. She looks embarrassed then asks if I’m wearing female products? I replied , NO, Im post menopausal.

    I can't write enough adjectives describing how abased and outraged I felt.

    I tell her I will gladly take my pants off, show her I am a normal female She replies do I want a private room. Expecting to be cleared on the second screening, as I fly several times a month, and incredulous over the entire ordeal I tell her a private room is not necessary.

    This second female agent performs her crotch pat down. This screening is done with excessive hand pressure on my female parts between my legs. After what is a sexual assault she tells me she feels the protrusion and needs to talk to her manager.

    Her male manager, Mr. Talley, approaches and asks if it’s going to be a problem if I miss my flight. He follows asking if there is a reason these TSA agents are feeling a protrusion in my crotch. I am a tall, medium weight , athletic female. I have never been told by my ob-gyn, other doctors, or my husband that my female parts are anything but normal. I tell the TSA manager, Mr. Tally, embarrassed to be talking to a man, there is no protrusion.

    This male agent leaves and there is another huddle of male and female agents. Another female TSA agent then informs me I have to go to a private screening area. I am in disbelief.

    They lead me to a room. I am furious and tell her I will take off my pants and prove to them I have no protrusions or anything hidden in my crotch. The agent in the room says don't do that, we have to wait for another TSA agent as there has to be more than one agent in the room. Meanwhile she keeps asking me how are you? I tell her I am not happy. She replies ma'am we are just doing our job.

    After at least three other female TSA agents come to the room, I'm fed up,angry,shaking so badly I can barely talk, and in front of them I yank off my elastic waisted pants. At this point from the waist down I am wearing cotton bikini pants and that’s it. I spread my legs while standing and say, do you see anything? One TSA agent says, ma'am put your pants back on that's not necessary. This agent continues to tell me I have to pat you down with your pants on.

    The third agent performs a very thorough third crotch exam, thorough enough to touch all the female parts between my legs. This third screener turns to the other TSA agents present and reports something to the effect, "the pat down test is normal, there is nothing in the crotch area". I'm thinking of course it's normal, give me my hand bag, shoes and scarf and let me get the heck out of here.

    But, not yet. The second TSA agent who performed the most invasive pat down walks in with a rod in her hand , hands it to the third agent saying you need to rod her crotch area. The third agent replies “no, you rod her because I found nothing wrong. This passenger even took her pants off to her underwear and the pat down showed nothing abnormal.”

    So I get rodded in my crotch area by the second TSA agent, up and down my inner thighs, and over my female parts between my legs. This metal detector test showed nothing hidden between my legs.

    As I leave this screening, I inform them I am contacting my US senator and congressman, news agencies and attorney and they need to fire the first two TSA screeners. The supervisor and manager approach me and apologize for my inconvenience.

    I can still feel those agents hands on my female private parts and why me a 58 year F with two artificial knees and no history of terrorist activity or involvement am I subjected to sexual and emotional outrage and abuse? Something, Mr. Hester, is really wrong here....

    Sincerely, M from San Diego, CA
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  8. Mike

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    Reads like a stellar performace by Team Sexual Assault / Birmingham ...
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  9. Elizabeth Conley

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    It should be the traveler's choice whether to endure visual or manual inspection of their crotch.

    If the Tits, Scrotum and (expletive deleted) brigade must inspect our privates, we should be allowed to choose how.
  10. Mike

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    What makes these 2-digit otherwise unemployable IQ's qualified to inspect and clear labia & vaginas? They have no medical training and most lack experience with any labia or vaginas other than their own.
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  11. RB

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    If this accounting is only mininally true then I agree those TSA employees should be fired but also charged with sexual assault. I would hope that M from San Diego considers filing charges.
  12. Caradoc

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    "Just doing the job" doesn't make it better.

    It makes it worse.

    It's plain that anyone currently working for the TSA just doesn't care, though - as long as they get their paycheck for it. The only TSA employees who "care" are the ones who enjoy their "work."
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    Tried to sign the petition and got an error.

    Posting my comment here for easy recovery:
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    Truly. This is not the sort of thing you can make up.
    It took several tries, but worked eventually with all fields completed. (To add to my files in DC :D ).
    Geez, she said "Ma'am," isn't that courtesy enough for you? What ungrateful nasty people, when TSA is keeping America safe, just doing their job...:td:
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    A contest for the best answer to that one.
  16. Mike

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  17. KrazyKat

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    I dunno, front row seats to a winning lawsuit?

    There were no less than FIVE thugettes in the crowded private room.
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  18. Elizabeth Conley

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    This is disgusting, but a significant percentage of Americans feel safe getting on an aircraft after a uniformed authority figure has stroked their genitals.

    It's a shame Sigmund Freud is dead. I would love to read his opinion with respect to this phenomenon.
  19. A Freudian analysis of this would be interesting, that's for sure.

    Personally, I suspect the first screener was a sick psychopath and that's why she said she felt a protrusion. Then the second screener said she felt it too because she had a very low IQ and was extremely impressionable. Kind of a Chicken Little phenomenon.
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    I don't think enough people care. They accept the fact that these are the rules to get on a plane and even though it might be a hassle that's just the way it is. Most of the complaints about the TSA I read on social media is about the long lines, items confiscated like water and shampoo, rude agents and many standing around doing nothing while everyone is herded through one open checkpoint. Rarely does someone complain about being violated. I wonder how many times the woman in the video has sailed through security before and never gave it a second thought until this latest incident. My friends who are "leisure travelers" think I'm nuts for not flying. I'm not even sure they would complain if they were violated or had something stolen. Probably shrug their shoulders and figure that's just the way it is as we are from the generation of "rule followers". A book I am currently reading "Unbroken" by Laura Hillenbrand is a true story about POW's during WWII - very good read. In the book there is a quote from Frederick Douglass in reference to slave owners. "The fatal poison of irresponsible power" which is exactly what we are dealing with regards to the TSA.

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