Magnetometer vs. Backscatter

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Caradoc, Jan 15, 2012.

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    This was posted on another thread. Seriously, you don't think the guy had a 10" revolver shoved up his butt, do you? C'mon! It was either concealed elsewhere on his person, and the cops failed to find it in their "custody/intake search," or the suspect was telling the truth about finding it in the bunk-bed.
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    I know there's no way to get a 10" revolver through a functioning magnetometer, and while implausible, that method is certainly possible. Just ask any ER attending about Foreign Object Removals.
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    Agreed. The mag would have detected the weapon. The question to ask about this article is: "Gee, don't the perps have to walk through a magnetometer before they are brought into the booking area of the police station?" :confused:
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    One of my anatomy professors used to be an ER nurse, and she loved to regale us with stories of her craziest and wildest patients.

    Trust me: a 10" revolver in a rectum is nothing. Trust me.
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    I have no doubt that it's possible, especially if the guy is on drugs.
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    I trust you. :eek::p No questions from me, no siree.
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    killed him... Darn near rectum!
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