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Discussion in 'What's On Your Mind?' started by Doober, Sep 11, 2012.

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    I have grown to despise September 11th. Not because it represents a lot of death and destruction (3000ish people, four planes, 19 hijackers, etc) but because it really represents how the American populace turned into a cesspool of whimpering simps who willingly sold their civil rights to the federal government in return for the illusion that they're "safer," granting the authority to a bunch of low-life GED-carrying knuckle-draggers with no finer job prospects than to stick their hands down people's pants, ogle us in their Nude-O-Scopes, steal our belongings without redress, and in general demonstrate just how much they all hate successful people (successful being defined as "able to make a living without juggling someone else's junk over a lie").
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    I had completely forgotten it was even *spookyfingers*NINE ELEVEN*spookyfingers* until we drove past the fire department and saw the flag at half-mast. One eyeroll and 30 seconds later I had forgotten again.

    So happy birthday, United States of Homeland. Here's to another year of eviscerating rights with a rusty corkscrew while crowing about how safe we all are.

    Here's to another year of unlawful detentions.

    Here's to another year of hysteria.

    Here's to another year of warrantless wiretapping.

    Here's to another year of prioritizing the saving of lives over the saving of the rights that make those lives worth living.

    Here's to another year of excuses, weasel-words, and lies.

    Here's to another year of TSA, DHS, and ideological foreign intervention.

    Here's to another year of crying-eagle and US-flag imagery, disgustingly manipulative (expletive deleted) that it is.

    Here's to another year of the sickening nation of cowardice that sits sandwiched between Mexico and Canada, and feasts upon the festering corpse of the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

    Happy (expletive deleted) birthday, United States of Homeland.

    I want America back.

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