Man Asks for $3, Tries to Rape TSA Worker on Way to JFK Airport: Sources

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    New York Post: 'Rape' fiend busted after allegedly trying to attack TSA worker on her way to JFK (Aug 2 2013)

    A thug was busted after he tried to rape a TSA worker on her way to Kennedy Airport after she refused to give him money, police sources said. Melvin Adams, 37, approached the victim while she was riding the shuttle train near Beach 90th Street in the Rockaways at around 2:30 a.m. Thursday and sat down next to her, police sources said. He allegedly put his arm around the 42-year-old victim and asked her several times to give him $3. The woman told him that she didn’t have any money and got off the train at the Howard Beach stop, with Adams following behind her.

    The victim sat down on a bench and Adams again sat next to her and continued to beg for money. When she again refused to hand over the $3, Adam’s allegedly told the victim that if she wasn’t going to give him money, she would have to give him sex, sources said. Adams then threw the woman against the station wall, pulled down his pants, and tried to force the woman’s head down toward his groin, sources said.
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    I hope this leads to her having a deeper understanding of "non-consensual contact," but I doubt it.
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    Give him a really long sentence for the attempted rape, with an enhancement for trying to have sex outside the species.
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    BEAST-iality! I hope they can make the charge "stick.";)

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