Man Flies Across US with Fake Boarding Pass

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by RB, Jun 30, 2011.

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    Oh noes!!! :eek:


    It's so simple to fake a BP. I save a PDF of each of my OLCI BPs. With five minutes in Ai, I could make a BP for any destination :D
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    This story just baffled me. But it goes to show that people are often asleep at the wheel. I hope this story gets more attention in the media than it has to this point... Any press that shows the TSA failing, is good press.
  4. RB

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    Sounds like the fellow was using stolen boarding passes and fake ID but TSA missed both.

    I don't think TSA's document checking adds value to security screening and TSA says as much by claiming he was screened for WEI anyhow.
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    Even so, this just shows how useless the TSA BP & ID check is.

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    People forget that the actual purpose of ID checking is revenue protection -- preventing non-transferable tickets from being used by others. Somewhere along the way, the airlines realized they didn't look quite as greedy if they claimed it was for security purposes. In this case, Virgin America wasn't getting the revenue protection it expected from TSA.

    We really should adopted the Australian system -- used where they don't have flights that have to be screened to international requirements. No boarding pass needed, no ID check, shoes on, laptops in the bag -- anyone who meets the efficiently done screening can get as far as the gate. At that point it's up to the airline to provide their own revenue protection if they consider it important. Last time I checked, Australian planes were falling out the sky at the same rate as American planes -- zero.
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    I note that the comments on the msnbc version of the article are solidly against TSA.

    This tone represents a dramatic change even in the last 3 months when comments regarding 6 year old fondling was compared to a doctor's exam.

    It is also up at CNN, so the MSM seems to be picking up on the story. My unscientific polling of the comments there are 100% anti-TSA.
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    Most sites I have seen this story now have a significant majority percentage of anti TSA posts.
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    Interesting choice of words in the title .... :)

    Death and Taxes Magazine: Man Boards Plane with Expired Ticket, TSA Must Grope for an Explanation

    TSA is becoming more of a laughing stock by the hour.
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