Man Hogties Burglar and Leaves Him in Yard for Police, Goes to Work

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    CBS Local Houston: Man Leaves Suspected Burglar Hogtied In Front Yard For Cops Because He Had To Go To Work (July 4 2013)

    Tulsa police tell KOTV that Robert Cole tried to break into the home of Denay Houston and her husband early Wednesday morning. The husband heard glass shatter in his daughter’s bedroom and then rustling in the garage. That’s when he waited for Cole at the front door.

    “And then he waited for him to come out and then he bum-rushed him,” Houston told KOTV. After getting Cole down to the ground, Houston’s husband then tied his hands and feet together. “I was like, ‘That’s my man!’ I was really proud of him,” Houston explained to KOTV.

    Houston’s husband told his wife to call police and to watch over Cole in the front yard because he had to leave for work.

    None of the press coverage even mentions the husband's name. :(

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