Man Records Vandal Defacing Picasso Painting in Museum; Gets Yelled at by Security

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  1. Security guards at Houston’s Menil Museum were apparently oblivious to a man who stormed up to a Pablo Picasso painting and defaced it by stenciling in an image of a bullfighter with the word “conquistador” beneath it.
    But they were quick to yell at the man who had video recorded the incident.
    “You’re not allowed to take pictures here,” an elderly voice can be heard off-camera.
    “I know,” responds the videographer.
    Then the camera cuts off. But by then, the man who defaced the painting had left the building.
    And the man who video recorded the incident chased after him and learned that he was a Mexican-American artist who wanted to pay homage to Picasso.
    At least that’s the story he told KPRC.
    The videographer did not give his name nor showed his face to the camera but told the reporter that he thought “it was pretty cool how he walked up to the painting without fear, sprayed painted it and walked off.”
    Meanwhile, the video was uploaded to Youtube under the username “fused00928,” identifying the culprit as Uriel Landeros.
    I sent a message to a Uriel Landeros on Facebook, who happens to be an artist in Houston, asking if he was the one who defaced the painting, but he has yet to respond.
    So obviously a few commenters on Youtube believe the two are in cahoots with each other.
    And maybe they are. But it seems like a stupid scheme because Landeros will eventually get arrested if he was, in fact, the one who defaced the painting.
    However, another commenter did a little research and determined that Fused00928 is actually a woman named Ana Flores.
    Whatever the deal is, it really shows something about our society when a man can deface a 1929 painting of one of the most renowned artists in history in the presence of a security guard, only for the guard to yell at the man who captured the incident on camera.
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    DeafBlonde Original Member, it's perfectly alright to deface a priceless work of art; however, photographing it is strictly forbidden? :confused: What's wrong with this picture (pun intended)? :D

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