Martial Law by Executive Order

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    If you'd like to see kleptocracies, visit Scandinavia. I lived in Norway for 3 years and have been back several times, currently work for a subsidiary in Sweden. People with marketable skills are leaving, esp. in Sweden which is part of the EU, meaning that Swedes can relocate anywhere within the EU. It's true that they like their benefits (esp. healthcare) but the confiscatory tax structure is very unpopular.

    In both Norway & Sweden large numbers of immigrants are causing significant problems in the major cities, although it's not considered politically correct to discuss it in that context. Immigrant gangs are a constant source of headlines in Göteborg. The problem is, they need the influx of younger immigrants to generate tax revenues to support the oldest generations that are drawing benefits. Otherwise, the natives tend to limit themselves to small families and the systems become overwhelmed with beneficiaries drawing from it.

    Scandinavia is not idyllic political & economic scene that you'd like paint.
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    I understand it's not idyllic. As I said further up-thread, there is corruption in every system, there is no such thing as utopia, human beings are corruptible and abusive and will (expletive deleted) on whomever they can as much as they can if it will benefit them. I understand this. The only thing we can do is try to minimize that and try to maximize more beneficial behavior.
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    It's not that Sweden's less than idyllic. As Mike pointed out, they have horrific problems. Very high suicide and alcoholism rates. As Tom Woods pointed out in his book The Church and the the Market, Swedes have a standard of living equivalent to poor people in the US. It's an interesting test case of what happens when disincentivize a country.
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    Sorry, this is nonsense.
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    Actually it's quite correct. This study was widely published and discussed at the time, although it's now ten years old:

    Free Republic (4 May 2002): Study discovers Swedes are less well-off than the poorest Americans

    They have a more effective safety net, in that they don't see the lowest extremes of poverty that we often see in the U.S., but at the same time it's a lot harder for them to climb up the ladder. Note that the study dealt with purchasing power -- what you can buy, use and consume in your day-to-day life. Intangibles such as free health care add value but don't contribute to your purchasing power.

    Swedes do like their benefits, but it's not one big happy nirvana as many would have you believe.
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    I wonder what such a study would say today. Many Americans are in a Depression. Those of us who aren't are damn lucky.

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