Master List of TSA Abuses, Failures, Lies, Lawsuits, etc., Submitted by Fisher1949 - Updated 6/26/11

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Jun 15, 2011.

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    Gee, thanks, Fisher1949. However, as depressing as it is, the list is a great resource.

    Mike indicates the list hasn't been updated in over a month. What's the date of the earliest link on the list?

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    I didn't start keeping this until all (expletive deleted) broke loose in November so most are from 11/1/10 or later. There may be an errant link that pre-dated the new regs but overall this represents the past seven months.

    I just keep a bookmark folder in Firefox, bookmark worthwhile links as I go and copy and paste anything that may be useful in future comments, letters to politicians, etc into this document. It may seem a little OCD but I usually catalog information that I may need later in my day job, so its kind of a habit. This has come in handy for tracking the number of crimes, failures and the like so that I can cite the stats in article comments.

    We seem to have short attention spans these days so most of the public has forgotten most of these a many months ago. Dragging up details and citing them in comments tends to jog folks memories.
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    Thanks Fisher1949.

    I have a suggestion for another sticky/pinned repository: legal and logical tools, responses, arguments that we can use in debates and in letters. For example, in last week's Senate subcommittee hearing in which Rand Paul observed that John Pistole was "clueless", Sen. Paul referenced the case law establishing the legal precedent that we do indeed have a "right to fly". If we can build a repository of rebuttals to the most common arguments that we face as we engage in our activism and persuasion, that would contribute to success.

    Speaking personally, I know that I have copied over some language, turns of phrase, and legal precedent references from several of the participants in this community (and that I may have plagiarized them in some letters to members of Congress and air executives!). Building an open-source repository of ideas and rhetoric will enable us to be more persuasive.
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    Bill sent me an update yesterday while I was on the road & having some issues w/ email. I will get it updated tonight sometime.

    In other words, there is an even longer list on the way.
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    The 6/26 update is installed & available.
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