Medford OR airport to replace police with armed rent-a-cops [MFR]

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    Not clear if these will be dealing up front with pax or just working behind the scenes, e.g. build & perimeter security. It's often hard enough to get cops to comply with constitutional constraints -- if TSA calls upon relatively untrained & uneducated but armed rent-a-cops to deal with checkpoint situations, it could be ugly.

    Security Info Watch: Private security to replace cops at Oregon airport

    Armed security guards eventually will replace Medford Police Department officers at the Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport because the Transportation Security Administration has cut funding for the program.

    Rogue Valley? Might turn out to be an appropriate name for an airport with armed rent-a-cops. :D
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    On the brighter side, one would hope they won't enjoy the immunity from prosecution. Let the arrests begin!
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