Mendacious Melendez plies his trade at the L.A. Times Travel Show

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    L.A. Times: Shy at the airport? The TSA is introducing new security scanners

    In Saturday's session, Melendez discussed and showed visuals of the upgraded full-body scanners in use across LAX since October. The new scanners, he said, are not as revealing as the former scanners, which received criticism for years for the level of personal detail evident during scans. A slide of the new images is on display at the show.

    Repeat after me:
    • Hamburg, Germany: 54% rate of false positive alarms
    • Northern Ireland: missed 43% of test items
    • Israel: rejected because of blind spots that allow explosives to be smuggled
    Melendez also spoke of the advantages of the relatively new TSA Cares program, which allows arrangements in advance for special treatment for those with medical or age-related checkpoint needs.

    Like three-year-old girls with spina bifida in wheelchairs? Yes, TSA Cares is working like a sack of :trash:.

    Apparently Mendacious Melendez is trying to prop up his falling reputation as one of TSA's stellar liars...

    The Navy veteran has been with the TSA for 11 years and oversees public affairs for the TSA in California, Arizona and Hawaii. He has served in the administration of President George W. Bush as public affairs special assistant at the Department of Transportation and at the Department of Homeland Security. His military awards include a Defense Meritorious Service Medal and three Navy Achievement Medals. His wife, Melissa, was recently elected to the California Assembly.


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