Miami Airport Partially Evacuated - Over Cigarette Lighter [MIA]

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    International Business Times: Miami Airport Partially Evacuated - Over Cigarette Lighter

    A section of Miami International Airport was evacuated following reports of a suspicious object at checkpoint. A bomb squad was called to the scene and the inner loop was closed pending investigations. Authorities gave the all clear less than an hour later and flights haven't reportedly been affected. The alarm was sparked by a "grenade lighter" a traveller had with him while going through a checkpoint, officials told Fox local affiliate WSVN.
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    So how many of these have they recently bragged about confiscating but this one suddenly warrants an evacuation?
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    It would depend entirely on the orientation and images on the xray. If it is not able to be readily identified as a dummy/lighter, and there are others things attached/seemingly attached to it, the call is made by our TSSEs (Transportation Security Specialist - Explosives) or if they are not available, the senior management individual on scene. I have seen a bag of petrified bones and sand that looked like a test bag for an explosive device - seriously, I was talking junk about our TSSE testing us - and it turns out, they were not. It is kind of hard to explain without having the experience on an xray system to understand the different variables that can have an effect on how to respond to things like this.
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    The sheeple were showing signs of complacency again, so of course the TSA had to do something scary to remind them, lest the Thugs Standing Around lose their jobs and starve to death for lack of marketable skills.

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