Miami airport passenger punches federal officer who tells her to put away cellphone

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    Miami airport passenger punches federal officer who tells her to put away cellphone

    The case began when Matos — a U.S. citizen born in the Dominican Republic — arrived at MIA aboard an American Airlines flight from Santo Domingo, according to the criminal complaint filed by a Transportation Security Administration senior federal air marshal.

    “While waiting in the CBP primary inspection area, Matos used her cellular telephone, which is prohibited,” the complaint said. “CBP instructed Matos several times to stop using her cellular telephone. Matos ignored the request and continued to use her telephone.”

    A CBP officer escorted Matos to a room in which investigators question passengers if they are suspected of violating immigration or customs laws. Matos, however, continued to use her cellphone, despite instructions to put it away.

    The altercation escalated after a CBP officer took Matos’ cellphone while she was speaking into it. After taking the phone, the officer set it down beside Matos, the complaint says.

    “Matos became verbally abusive towards CBP and called one CBP officer a ‘bitch,’ ” the complaint says.

    Since Matos refused to calm down, one of the CBP officers surrounding her attempted to handcuff her to a chair. That’s when Matos became violent, according to the complaint.

    “Matos lunged forward, and with a closed right fist struck [the officer] in the face, under his left eye,” according to the complaint. “As CBP [officer] moved back in response, Matos used the back of her left hand to again strike the left side of CBP officer … face. As a result of Matos’ assault, [the officer] had contusion and swelling below his left eye.”

    In the end, several CBP officers managed to subdue Matos and succeeded in handcuffing her.

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    Glad somebody stood up to these power-tripping apparatchiks! Extra glad it wasn't I. :I)

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