Miami Beach police try to destroy video evidence

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    Not directly related to travel, but this brings to mind Phil Mocek's case in Albuquerque and the attempt by the police to destroy his video evidence:

    MSNBC: Memory card in mouth saves police shooting video

    The police stopped the witnesses at gunpoint, cuffed them, took his cell phone, smashed it & then stuffed it in his back pocket. Several other cell phones were also smashed.

    What I find most frightening, however, is the obvious disinterest on the part of the police chief to train & manage his officers unless he's absolutely forced to:

    It's so comforting to know that if I witness a crime, my $500 G2 might be smashed as a matter of routine by renegade police officers.
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    All I can say is :eek:
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    Remind me to avoid Miami in the future.
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