Mica urges Orlando International Airport to dump TSA [MCO]

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    The local TSA director, Jerry Henderson, apparently wimped out & dodged the meeting.

    Orlando Sentinel: Mica urges Orlando International Airport to dump TSA

    Nearly 12 years after helping to create the Transportation Security Administration, U.S. Rep. John Mica, urged Orlando International Airport officials Tuesday to dump the agency in favor of private contractors.

    "We probably can do more with less in the private sector and provide better service to the people of Orlando," Mica, R-Winter Park, told an airport committee considering whether to bring in a company that would screen passengers before they board.


    Mica said his intent was to make the sky safer, not create an agency that he contends is bloated and overly bureaucratic. He predicted contractors would be more efficient in staffing, which he said would shorten the time passengers spending waiting in security lines. Before TSA, the airlines were responsible for ensuring passengers did not bring weapons or contraband on planes.

    Jerry Henderson, TSA's director in Orlando, was supposed to appear before the airport panel Tuesday, but he canceled.
  2. Mike

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    Soliciting reader comments ...

    Orlando Sentinel: Today's Buzz: Should Orlando airport dump TSA?

    ... Would you feel as safe flying if private screeners return at airports? Do you feel safe now with the TSA doing the screening? Should Mica’s proposal be viewed as serious, or a political ploy to bolster his shaky standing with small government conservatives? Talk about it!
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    I'm torn on this one. I'm sure Mica's personal interests in private security have absolutely nothing to do with this push...
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    Why should we pay the high salaries required by federal screeners when contract screeners can do the same job for less cost? TSA clerks have proven their incompetence over the last decade. Screening never gets better under TSA so dump the high cost option.
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