Michael Morgenstern: Why I Still Opt Out

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    Nice rationalization, but I prefer the economic boycott. I also fail to see having one's frank and beans massaged as "non violent resistance". It's submission, not resistance.

    The reference to Martin Luther King must have been read by someone who didn't live through that era and hasn't read up on it. Martin Luther King would go and do what the privileged (i.e. whites) would go and do: Sit in the front of the bus and eat and work wherever he pleased. The proper airport analogy to that is to spurn the Nude-O-Scope, walk through the metal detector, and tell die Gropenmenschen to keep the die Händen off the frank and beans.

    Huffington Post: Why I Still Opt Out

    The search commenced. He ran his fingers inside my waistband and up the inseam of my pants on both sides until he could distinctly feel my genitals. He touched all parts of my chest and back to be sure I wasn't hiding anything there.

    It may have just been this man's procedure and mannerisms, but this felt different than the cursory exams I'd gotten several years ago when the TSA introduced the body scanners. It felt more invasive. The explicit narration of a stranger's fingers, followed by an almost chiding reminder that the millimeter technology is totally safe, ratcheted the whole thing to a new notch of offensiveness.

    And I remembered why I opt out.

    The TSA inspires a culture of fear. The indignities we are made to suffer at airports are a manifestation of a government that does not trust its people, and believes that the way to security is to encourage us not to trust each other. Traveling through a country owned by us, the people, we are asked to present identification at numerous checkpoints as if we have something to prove; we are asked to strip down and be observed as if we are suspects.


    And so the government official touching me to be sure that yes, that is indeed my penis and not a weapon, keeps me grounded in awareness that I am not happy with this current state. Rather than standing in the body scanner and lifting up my hands (in a literal posture of submission), it is a government-provided opportunity to experience the indignity in its fullest and most complete form. And it keeps me open to future opportunities to ameliorate these conditions.

    This is, in its own way, non-violent resistance (though I wouldn't actually compare the issue to civil rights.) In the words of Martin Luther King, "The goal is not to defeat or humiliate the opponent but rather to win him or her over to understanding new ways to create cooperation and community." Only when we acknowledge what is not working and commit to finding new solutions will those solutions appear.
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    I think using terms such as "frank and beans" dilutes the message of exactly what TSA is doing. Using correct anatomical terminology clearly defines what TSA is about and what TSA employees are doing to the public.
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    touching testicles and penises on men, touching labia and breasts on women, massaging the buttocks on both. degrading behavior performed by filth with no consciences to speak of.
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    Felony Sexual Assault works for me.

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