Michiganistan Outlaws Pigs

Discussion in 'What's On Your Mind?' started by Frank, Mar 24, 2012.

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    And CAFOs are hideous, brutal, unsanitary operations. Family farms are almost by definition safer than CAFOs. This is all about money. And the money -- and influence -- that industrial agriculture wields is enormous.
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    I wonder if there's anything in this supreme court decision that will slow these thugs down?

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    so absurd as to be funny. them ain't pigs! them's an invasive species!

    people who come up with stuff like this need to be removed from gene pool.
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    Tell that to folks in the south where wild boars are a major nuisance.

    The problem is that any pig is a potential wild boar. It only takes 2 or 3 generation in the wild to make that transition. These apparatchiks seem to miss that point.
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    That falls under illegal takings. These pigs were being raised legally by legal farmers, and the state retroactively declared that breed of pigs to be undesirable and therefore no compensation had to be paid for killing them. Michigan will eventually have to compensate all of these people.
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    I never would've figured you for a B5 fan. Awesome. This means I can start with the DHS=Nightwatch comparisons and someone'll get them.

    As for this...how is he supposed to stay in business? Livestock costs money, yes? With no compensation for the loss of his capital (do I have that right? capital?), how can he be expected to acquire pigs of a "correct" breed to keep farming? Hopefully his farm wasn't exclusively pigs.
  10. I'm baffled by this whole story, but especially by the scramble to slaughter all of these animals. Had this guy just decided to shoot all of his pigs one day, he would have been charged with animal cruelty. And yet, this renegade government agency comes in, and suddenly it's the necessary course of action. Was there no effort to rehome the pigs in a neighboring, less insane state?

    Not blaming the guy here, just struggling to understand ethical standards. There was a rural animal control a couple hours from here that one day shot something like 8 cats and dogs. I guess they had an influx and didn't have any room for them, and couldn't afford proper euthanasia supplies. There was a huge uproar and people got fired.

    But pigs? They're smart as dogs, but who cares. Just shoot 'em.

    But then, I guess it's not less cruel than the way they slaughter pigs at factory farms. I just don't understand our treatment of pigs. I'm a reformed vegetarian, by the way, but I still cannot bring myself to eat pork.
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    If people knew -- or if those who do faced up to it-- about the way we treat animals in factory farms in this country . . . well, it wouldn't continue. Just like all the other kinds of abuse we talk about at TUG. But ignorance is, apparently, bliss.
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    It was either shoot the pigs or be charged with a felony that was created by bureaucrap fiat.

    There is a court date on Friday to look in to this, at least in one county. There is a question of whether the game/wildlife people even have the authority to declare what is or is not a farm animal. Stay tuned, this is far from over.
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