Mickey Mouse Reforms

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    The well-publicized (and mocked) Obama event at the Magic Kingdom was an acknowledgement by the White House of the hurt to the travel industry:
    While much industry hoopla centered around Global Entry, nixing short-stay tourist visa requirements:
    other news lathered about Pre-Check, waiving that unpleasant proletarian TSA experience:
    To be young and rich? Oh, Pre-Check...
    It is without guarantee of non-molestation. But well worth it to avoid what one can. Especially when the cost is only $100.
    So, there you have it, Mouseketeers. If I'm reading this right, for $100 bucks a real foreign enemy can go visa-free and TSA-free. Sort of makes you want to move away from the Magic Kingdom, doesn't it?
    Can we please just wave some fairy dust on the TSA and make it vanish, along with any pretense of the security it provides?
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    All this Pre Check and Trusted Traveler nonsense is just to help the TSA clear up resources for their own convenience. Just wait until the next moron tries to set his underwear on fire and see how quickly everyone is back to being Scoped N' Groped, heck even now there's no guarantee.
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