MIG-21 overshoots runway at FCM

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    FCM = Flying Cloud Airport, Eden Prairie, MN

    Best picture is in the Star Tribune article. KSTP title is more accurate.

    Star Tribune: Russian MiG crashes in Eden Prairie

    WCCO: Fighter Jet Crashes In Eden Prairie

    KSTP: Russian MiG Fighter Jet Crashes through Fence at Flying Cloud Airport

    I tried to take a photo I could upload here but was too far away, plane is just a big blur; also sun was so bright I couldn't see the screen so was just shooting blind.

    The plan overran the runway by several hundred yards, went through the fence and spun around just before it would have crossed the highway. In the photos its nose is pointed towards the runway it came from.

    The plane was arriving (landing from the west) for an air show this weekend.

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